The Disadvantages Of Contraceptive Pills

The Disadvantages Of Contraceptive Pills

Birth control comes in different shapes and sizes. There may be pills, patches and even insertions that can help prevent the pregnancy in women while giving them an option to enjoy their sex life to fullest. Basically, all these birth controls work through the same mechanism, however, well-known form in the market today is the birth control pills or contraceptive pills.

These contraceptive pills are high in demand because they offer the highest protection and that is the reason there are further types in which such pills come. They can come in the combination hormones – the estrogen and the progestin, or even in the single formula – the progestin. As these pills involve the manipulation of the body’s hormones and function, they affect the body both – negatively and positively.

In this post, we will discuss the downsides of using contraceptives.

The Disadvantages of Birth Control Pills:

Apart from offering an option to avoid pregnancy, there are some consequences and downsides being offered by the contraceptives. These include:

#1: Fertility Issues:

If you are taking the contraceptives, you might be aware of the fact that your fertility is the first thing that might be compromised. You might lose your ability to conceiving a child if you are on them for a long time and even it may take a pretty noticeable time to adjust your body back to normal in order to conceive a baby.

#2: It is an Everyday Thing:

When it comes to contraceptives, the biggest problem that many women have is to consume them daily and if it is not done, there is a risk of pregnancy. As a matter of fact, you might have to take your birth control pill every day and you may require to take them at the same time. And if you forget, you run the risk of conceiving – it is as simple as that.

#3: Interference with Other Medications:

Another biggest disadvantage of using the birth control pills is the interference with other medications. Most people even don’t realize it, but taking it with other medications is the cause of birth control pregnancies. Even antibiotics can deem your birth control useless.

#4: Doesn’t Fully Protect:

Although these contraceptive pills are considered to be highly protective as compared to other methods, however, they still don’t fully protect. Sexually transmitted illnesses and diseases can still be contracted even if you are on the pill.

So it is always advised to have the contraceptives prescribed by a highly qualified doctor, being regularly tested and always buy from a regulated pharmacy.

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