What Are Ways People Can Use Technology To Change The World?

What Are Ways People Can Use Technology To Change The World?

The world is constantly changing, especially as technology advances even faster than before. But not all of the changes coming have to come from billionaires and technology tycoons. The everyday average person can make a difference through the use of available technology.

Every single day average people are making huge impacts on our society. It frequently starts with a simple fundraising campaign, a Facebook rant, or a YouTube video. With social media exploding in recent years,
it isn’t difficult to go from a nobody to a somebody who can make a difference.

Here are some more ways you can make an impact and change the world with technology.

Educational Videos

Creating an educational YouTube channel and sharing those videos widely and publicly on social media can make a huge impact. You can educate people on recycling, upcycling, or repurposing. You can educate people on how to find the most reliable and unbiased news sources. Really, you can educate people on almost anything.

While an educational channel about crocheting isn’t likely to be world changing, an educational channel with how to instruction on creating booties for disadvantaged newborns followed up with places to donate
them could be. Get creative and use your know how to make a social impact.

The best videos that go viral are those that make a valid point about our society. Videos with a call to action that impacts society in a positive manner are also extremely popular. The more people view and share your
videos, the larger impact you will make.

Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising campaigns don’t just have to be about money for someone’s new glasses or braces. Fundraising campaigns can be created to donate money and supplies to homeless shelters or organizations who help third world countries. Anything that could change the way people view and donate to a worthy charity is a viable cause that could change the world.

To really make the most of a fundraising campaign you really have to follow up with frequent updates on the fundraising site, share frequently across social media, and boost your following with pictures and personal stories of the people you are trying to help the most. Creating videos that explain why the charity is important as well as any volunteer work you and others can do to help the cause can also really widen your audience and get even more help for your chosen charity.

Bringing Technology To The Less Fortunate

One of the best ways to change the world as we know it is to assist in the spread of the technology that we have. Disadvantaged in the US as well as other countries may not have access to technology. Helping people gain access to the internet through kiosks or by adding resources to public libraries can make a huge difference.

You might also consider joining a missionary group to other countries. These groups bring basic technology such as internet and smart phones to disadvantaged countries and people who would otherwise never see thetechnology. These groups make a huge impact and help advance third world countries and poor communities within the US. With the introduction and spread of the technology that we take for granted every day, the world will become a more connected, peaceful place.

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