Pop Art Finds Its True Patriot In Peter Max

Pop Art Finds Its True Patriot In Peter Max

Pop art was found in the United State in mid 1950’s and by the time it was a decade old, it saw the makings of a true patriot of it in Peter Max. Despite, originally being from some other country, Peter has always considered himself to be a loyal American and has greatly contributed to holding the nation’s name high in the field of painting. The evolution of Pop art was primarily because the masses were not being able to associate with its precedent – Abstract Expressionism. The seriousness and spiritual aspect of the art form was not a very appealing thing for the general masses, and thus evolved Pop art.

It was Lawrence Alloway who coined this term and people like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichenstein and Tom Wesslemen who became the pioneers of this art form. This form of painting involved the regular mundane things as their subjects and that is perhaps what appealed to the public at large. The advertisements, the comic strips, some celebrity, or some media image came to be the focus of these paintings. Since the subjects were something that the people could relate to alongside the use of lively, vibrant colors drew more and more viewers towards it.

Works of painting were no longer just restricted to the stuffy walls of the galleries that could be accessed only by the privileged class of the society. Painting that could be easily comprehended and the perception of artist rather understandable was what pop art painting is all about. Pop art has found its true expression in the works of Peter Max who has rightly justified the art form. His state of the art masterpieces ahs won him accolades across the globe, and even on social media like Face book, and the online shopping sites where his works can be bought.

It was as if the Beatles (who were once a subject of painting for Peter) and Peter worked together in changing the outlook of the world, in the genres of music and painting respectively. The secret to his ever so young attitude is because of his willingness to meet new people, to go to new places and take all the good things that life has to offer.  He has had the privilege to paint the Pope, six Presidents, work with Coca cola, and yet it is his humility that keeps him going places.

It was Peter who gave rise to a revised edition of the Pop art that came to be known as Neo Pop, following this evolved another form of art known as the Neo Graffiti.  Peter has thus been successful in not just popularizing the Pop art tradition but also in giving it something more, by constantly believing in himself and his motto of ‘Be Creative’.

What can be taken from the life of this awesomely talented artist is that it is humility that keeps you grounded and lets you soar high at the same time.

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