Parts Of An Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning is the process wherein the heat and moisture is removed from an occupied space in order to provide comfort to its residents. Air conditioning systems have developed over the past years due to society’s high demand. As a matter of fact, the Department of Energy states that three-quarters of the houses in the United States have air conditioners.

An air conditioning system commonly has four basic components:

  • A compressor
  • An evaporator
  • A condenser
  • An expansion valve

Air Conditioning Parts: Compressor or Pump

An air conditioning compressor is simply a big electric pump. It is intended to increase the system’s pressure and move the working fluid around the unit. It basically turns back the refrigerant gas into liquid through pressure.

The pump is installed into the air conditioning unit via fittings to the system. It is then held in place by support brackets and a base. It is protected by the wrapper or sheet metal encasement.

Air Conditioning Parts: Evaporator

The evaporator is in charge of removing the heat from an area that needs to be cooled. This is done by literally evaporating the refrigerant. When the refrigerant turns into vapor, it absorbs the maximum amount of heat. The evaporator works similar to a heat exchanger.

An evaporator is made up of copper or aluminum tubing that’s bent into a coil form. The reason behind making it into a coil is to maximize the distance where the working fluid will flow.

Air Conditioning Parts: Condenser

Once the working fluid passes through the evaporator, its next destination is the condenser.

The condenser is in charge of converting the high-pressure gas from the pump into a liquid. This is done through heat transfer which follows the principle of heat always moving from a warmer to a cooler substance. The air that passes over the condenser carries off heat, which leads to the gas condensing.

The condenser works the opposite of the evaporator. Despite the difference in function, the condenser is also made up of aluminum or copper tubing. It is also formed into a coil similar to an evaporator.

Air Conditioning Parts: Expansion Valve

Last but not least, the expansion valve is located in between the chilled coils and the hot side of the air conditioning unit i.e. compressor, condenser, and a fan. Its main function is to regulate the flow of the refrigerant into the evaporator.

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