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The Working of Sine Wave Inverters

Unregulated power supplies are used to convert the power to AC power as most of the household devices are designed to operate on the sinusoidal current supplied by the powerhouse. Square wave inverters have some major discrepancies. Square wave inverters create a very annoying humming noise and cause the equipment connected to them to heat up to undesirable levels. In fact, many electrically sensitive devices have a caution board stuck to them which disbars the user from connecting them to a square wave inverter. The square wave output is unstable and hence we need to buy sine wave inverters online which include modified sine wave or sine wave inverters.Modified sine wave inverters are 3-step inverters that are a modification of square wave inverters. They contain an output correction waveform and are inexpensive. This output waveform is stable, and the quality of the output is better than square wave outputs. However, pure sine wave inverters top the charts with their best quality output and smooth sine wave generation that is compatible with the devices that operate on a sine wave input.

Concept and working-

  • The output of a sine wave inverter is an alternating sinusoidal current. This is obtained by applying a sinusoidal current at the input from the transformer. An oscillator is used to produce the required sinusoidal input. Wien Bridge made by using the FET transistor is one of the simplest and most efficient oscillators. A stable output is produced due to the feedback.
  • By buying online high capacity inverter in India, you can check that an audio amplifier is attached to the oscillator circuit because the output current produced by these circuits consists of a low frequency. This is not enough to drive the primary coil, which requires a high current to perform its operation. But the transformer does nothing. The increase in the voltage causes a decrease in the current but the power remains the same. Thus, an output of 1kW requires a DC input of 1kW.
  • Microcontrollers are used to manage the most expensive inverters. They rely on pulse width modulation (PWM) to drive them. A stable output can be produced even if the input is variable. A specific number of bits is needed to determine the signal quality. The range to produce a sinusoidal signal with good approximation includes a minimum of 3 bits to a maximum of 12 bits.


  • Space for Equipment: There are many devices that depend on the sine wave inverter. These devices use sinusoidal signals as their driving currents and include variable speed motors, power tools, fluorescent lighting ballasts, televisions, laser printers, sound equipment, computers, and precision medical equipment.
  • Leeway for maximum output: An optimal utilization of resources can be obtained. Financial qualification for pure sine wave inverters is a direct shoo-in because some equipment may work unusually hard to achieve maximum output if modified sine wave inverters are connected to them. This can hit production drastically.
  • Equipment failure is avoided: Some equipment will completely fail if an inverter other than pure sine wave inverters is connected to them. Frequent hardware changes will be required if modified sine wave inverters are used to cut costs.

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