Reasons To Get A Certification In Data Science

Reasons To Get A Certification In Data Science

What is the relevance of data science today? Here is the answer.

Over the last few decades, there has been a massive outburst in both the data generated as well as retained by organizations and also by common people for that matter. We sometimes refer to it as big data too. So, how do we make sense out of this data for further use?

This is where data science comes in. It is the job of data scientists to use scientific systems and processes to abstract insights or information from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured.

These days there are various ways in which companies can benefit from data scientists. For instance, when a company retains lots of customer data or when it gets a chance to gain profits from social media streams, credit data, consumer research or third-party data sets, a need for a data scientist arises.

According to a report by McKinsey, there will be a 50 percent gap in the supply of data scientists versus demand, by 2018. With this increase in demand for data scientists, there is going to be a vigorous competition for top data science talent in the near future. So, if you think practically, then this is the perfect time to get certified in the field of data science to get an edge over your competitors.

Many specific industries are predicted to have a lot many job vacancies to be filled in by people that are well versed in data science. Not surprising, the largest demand is going to be from the technology sector. There is also much potential scattered across job outlook in the fields of marketing, consulting, healthcare, financial services, government, academia, retail and of course gaming.

If you are already an IT professional, mastering or benefitting from data science skills should be on top of your list to explore. Especially when nowadays there are so many online data science certificate vendors to choose from. So, by earning certification in data science, you can assure big data recruiters that you have the real-time competence to solve data science problems in smarter, faster & optimized way.

Certificates in data science and data analytics that are available in the market can serve many purposes as some test the foundational and theoretical principles of data science while others might test your data science skills through hands-on approach by exposing you to real data science challenges. So before going for a certificate, it can be highly gainful for you to pursue a data science training course that can expose you to both basics and advanced methods of data analytics and data science to help you confront business challenges in the industry.

There is another reason that can encourage you immensely to earn a data science certificate and that is for the data science and everything it has to offer. After all, the passion in data science is in the journey of achieving compelling results such as discovery, insights & innovation.

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