How To Present Material In Literature Thesis

How To Present Material In Literature Thesis

So, I kept asking myself what this literature thing means to the effective writing of thesis. I had a different time differentiating between thesis literature and dissertation literature and the results could have been similarly the same. Only that, thesis literature is for the master’s students and PhD students.

However, the main point of concern is that literature connects ones ideas to the ideas in your field. It’s a matter of creating relationship between the subject and the object. In compiling thesis papers, the following are notes to watch on:

Select and quote the relevant material for your subject and argument

It’s interesting that most people get disappointed for compiling data that has no relation to what they are interested in.  This results to their panicking and may be reading or studying on materials that may not facilitate effective data sampling. As a result, a student may try as much as possible to attain the requirements of the thesis and end up quoting the wrong phrases for a wrong subject. Therefore, in compiling your thesis, ensure that the materials quoted in literature thesis are relevant to the subject if argument.

Make sense of the quotation within the context of your argument

There’s no point that you are going to be extremely perfect or sure of the quotation you are giving. At some point, it may be necessary to quote out of the context. In case of such instances, it’s advisable to rephrase everything in your context to suit what you are arguing about. It is a matter of deriving meaning out of something even when it does not exist.

Introduce and integrate relevant quotations in to your literature thesis

When you are fixed with points that may not relate to each other, do not feel despised that things might turn back crushing on you. You should remember that when writing your thesis, you should take a stand and argue in basis to what your thesis is about. Remember everything you present depends on how your literature thesis stands hence fix your quotations to be in line with what is required or argued in the subject.

Focus on the language of quotations in the interpretations

As a masters student, the language and terms you use to link to your argument should be convenient. It does mean you should use jargon, instead, it should show some degree of literacy in the field you are working on. Ensure the language is friendly and its interpretations suit the definitions.

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