Take A Personal Loan To Buy A Surprise Wedding Gift For Your Spouse

Take A Personal Loan To Buy A Surprise Wedding Gift For Your Spouse

Indian weddings are lavish and command high budgets. Amidst the festivities, you secretly hope to surprise your spouse with a wedding gift. With wedding expenses necessitating you to dig into your savings, how can you buy the gift? With a Personal Loan, of course. Personal Loans are easy and quickly available. This has made them the preferred choice when you need immediate funds. Plus, they give you the freedom to use the loan as you wish.

Take a Personal Loan in Nagpur, the Orange city and buy an apt wedding gift for your spouse. You don’t have to take time out to go to a bank for a loan. Apply online for Personal Loan in Nagpur and gain access to the funds in less than 24 hours.

Getting a Personal Loan

The first step to availing a Personal Loan is to know how much loan you’re eligible for. Though banks offer up to Rs.50 lakhs as Personal Loan, all depends on your income, credit score, and repayment capacity. The Personal Loan eligibility in Nagpur is thus dependent on the following parameters—income, credit score, employment type, employment status and age.

A high income and a credit score with a lower proportion of loan outstandings, act in your favour to increase your Personal Loan eligibility. Since salary is the deciding factor for a loan, the minimum salary required for personal loan in Nagpur is Rs.25,000. The minimum limit varies depending on the city.

What value of wedding gift you can buy depends on your personal loan eligibility. If you need a higher eligibility, adding a guarantor with a good credit history will help in getting a higher quantum of loan.

Once the eligibility is decided, you apply for the loan, choose the tenure, and calculate the EMI based on the interest rate. You need to also submit documents required for Personal Loan in Nagpur that give proof of your salary.

What are the documents required for Personal Loan in Nagpur?

Getting a Personal Loan does not call for any security/collateral. It is an unsecured loan that is paid to you based on your income and credit score. Lenders rely on the documentation provided by the you and the credit report obtained from CIBIL to assess your loan repayment capacity.

Identity and address proof, salary slips, bank statements of the past 3 years and details of guarantors (if any). Self employed people need to submit proof of their annual financial statements.

When you have to arrange for funds like buying a wedding gift, a Personal Loan is your obvious choice. Take one into your kitty and gift a memorable start to your spouse.

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