Do You Have To Apply Visitor Visa For Canada from India?

Do You Have To Apply Visitor Visa For Canada from India?

Why do people migrate from India to Canada? As per the studies made, this has been concluded that Indians find Canada a better place to immigrate than any other country in the world.

Why Canada?

Canada is one of the favorite destinations for the immigrants from India due to the following reasons:

  • Canada serves incredible oppurtunities for business and job.
  • To enhance quality of life and for better individual growth
  • A large group of Indians are already living in Canada and raising their family in the Canadian environment.
  • Canada has good education system and excellent health care organizations.
  • Canada supports English as main language which makes it easier to immigrants to live and adjust in the society of Canada.

Are you going to visit Canada?

If you are living in India and you have decided to immigrate to Canada, then you need to know that, there are various immigration programs which are made to get permits and visa to stay in Canada.

Categories for which visa application is done:

  • Settling in Canada
  • Doing job or business
  • Studying there
  • Visit Canada as a visitor

Immigrants who are applying for the Canadian visa, they must meet eligibility criteria which is set by the Federal Canadian government. If you meet the requirements and the eligibility criteria, then you can apply visitor visa for Canada from India.

Federal government of Canada amends immigration rules

In year 2017, various changes have been made by the federal government of Canada for immigration in Canada. You should have knowledge about the changes been made if you are planning to visit or live in Canada. You can learn about these changes from official website of IRCC (Immigration Refugees Citizenship Canada).

Can you apply for Canada visitor visa?

If you have visit Canada, you need to have visa which will allow living in Canada for a certain period of time. Eligibility criteria for Canada visitor visa application from India is listed in points below:

  • You must have good health, you will have to go health checkup to prove that you are healthy in all aspects, physically and mentally.
  • You should possess good character that will be proven by your character certificate.
  • You must possess a valid passport and all the necessary travel documents.
  • And you have to give your consent to the immigration officer that as the validity of your visa will expire you will return India.
  • You must have enough funds for your survival there and afford fooding, travelling and shelter in Canada.
  • Temporary resident visa mkay also be required in certain applications if the validity is more than a certain period of time
  • Letter of invitation
  • Medical examination documents

If you are applying for the visa for the first time then, to avoid any kind of mistakes in the visa availing criteria, you must hire and contact immigration experts who are ace at this and will help you to get visa on time.

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