12 Ways To Elevate Your Personal Brand In 2018

12 Ways To Elevate Your Personal Brand In 2018

It is no longer sufficient to promote a business, its products or services. A founder-entrepreneur must also elevate their personal brand value. This is not a cakewalk as it takes perennial dedication, focus and a plethora of efforts. Here are twelve ways to elevate your personal brand in 2018.

  1. Run a Personal/Standalone Blog

This could be a completely standalone blog or you can use your company blog and keep posts authored by you neatly segregated from the rest. Your blog posts can focus only on the professional challenges, solutions and developments or there can be some posts that showcase your personal attributes. The objective is to create a personal connection with the reader.

  1. Weekly Newsletter or Email

Email newsletters are a handy form of communication. An email doesn’t need be in the format of a newsletter. It can be a communiqué using any popular format, as long as you send at least one email every week. You should be able to come up with worthwhile topics to talk about or relevant news to share with your readers.

  1. Weekly Podcast or Video Blog

Blog posts are more common than email newsletters, podcasts and video blogs. While you should come up with a few blogs every week, it is also necessary to produce one podcast or video blog. Don’t overdo it and try to have a podcast as well as a video blog. Both could deal with the same issue. Followers have different preferences and you would be able to cater to the entire audience using the two mediums.

  1. Sponsored Posts, Ads and Promotional Content

It is not rare for companies to sponsor ads to promote their products and services via social networks and on social media. Do the same for your personal brand as well. Pay for your profile to appear on search results or feeds of your target audience.

  1. Contribute to Major Publications

You should pen long form contents for the likes of LinkedIn, Forbes, Entrepreneur and other industry specific publications. A section of every target audience wants to read blogs and shorter posts. A section of the same audience wants comprehensive articles. You need to address both.

  1. Use Content Discovery Channels

No blog has an absolute universal following. There are people who might want to read your blogs or access your articles but may not know much about them. Use content discovery channels to reach out.

  1. Engage on Social Media

Timely posts on social media and the customary likes, shares or re-tweets are not enough. You would need to engage with your following and a larger audience in real time. Use all the strengths of social media to your advantage. Start a conversation and participate in ongoing conversations as well.

  1. Have a Local Presence

Work with your local communities, aspirants and influencers so you can have a tangible presence in addition to your digital omnipresence.

  1. Attend Networking Events

Attend the local events physically and be virtually present in others.

  1. Use Professional Photography

Buy a good camera, sharpen your editing skills and hire a photographer if needed.

  1. Invest in Quality Videos

Visual media is omnipotent. You need to ensure all your videos are professionally shot and available in high resolutions as well as mobile friendly versions.

  1. Keep Learning

The more you learn, the more you have to talk about and share. It is a quintessential need to elevate your personal brand.

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