How to Safely Remove a Tree

Planting a tree yourself is not that monumental a task. Removing a tree can be downright dangerous. That is not to say a single person is not capable of removing a tree from their property, but safety is a big concern. When removing a tree of any size, there are sharp tools, and taller trees have branches, and eventually the trunk, that -could hurt a person or a structure. There are diehard do-it-yourselfers who are going to do this so there are things to keep in mind.

●   Why are you removing this tree?

If you are removing a sick tree, care must be taken to not spread the disease or parasite. Plants around the tree may have already been affected, but if you are going so far as to remove the tree keep contagion in mind. If you know what ails your tree, once you have removed it, you may want to treat your yard with any kind of treatment you have.

●   How big is the tree?

If the tree you are removing is huge, phone a friend. If it is huge, you should call a professional service such as Michael Tree Service. If you are reading “How-to’s” that ship has probably already sailed. Keep it in mind if any of this sounds too daunting. To remove a large tree, you will have to saw off the lower branches, followed by an appropriate part of the top of the trunk. How much is appropriate depends on the amount of leverage you will need to get to the roots. Professionals have a root grinder.

●   What will you do with its remains?

If you have a fireplace, you should have firewood by the time you are finished. If you do not have a fireplace, you can give it to a friend or try to sell it. If you try to sell it you have to make sure it was cut right. If a pro-cuts the tree down, you could probably have them throw the firewood in with the cost, or they may buy it from you. At any rate, you could use it or sell it. Letting it rot on the ground invites all kinds of bad things.

Can’t you just kill it with chemicals?

You can use a chemical to kill just about anything. You may already use them on weeds in your yard or to deter insects. There are different opinions on the use of chemicals in the ground but consider the fact that you are going to the root of a tree. Tree roots go down deep enough to damage water lines. Many people fail to realize that they have a leak in their water lines until it is impacting the taste or color of their water. It is ill-advised to use a chemical to kill a tree because the roots go so deep it could leak into everything around it.

To safely remove a tree, you should contact a professional. It is more than the opposite of planting a tree. It is removing something that is part of the earth. You may get to the stump removal phase before you realize how deep the roots go. If you start this process and realize it is a bigger job than you thought, reach out to Michael Tree Services for a no judgment quote.

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