Broadband For Small Businesses: Options For Businesses In Towns And Villages

Broadband For Small Businesses: Options For Businesses In Towns And Villages

Most business owners are aware that broadband for small businesses is important. In fact, broadband for any business is important but arguably even more so for small businesses. That’s why it’s so incensing for small organisations in areas where BT and Virgin offer a service that’s certainly inadequate compared to other places in the country that get the advertised top speeds. In fact, some areas have no access to broadband whatsoever due the remoteness of where they’re based. So, what’s the options for your business when you can’t have broadband from BT or Virgin and why do you need it?

Broadband for small businesses: It’s important

It’s really a bare minimum for a business in 2017 to have a broadband connection. Whether that’s high-speed (which is preferable) or just a standard connection, broadband for small businesses is very important. You want to be sure that you have an internet connection that you can rely on at all times so that your business can prosper. It’s also preferable to make sure it’s fast enough to do simple tasks like sending emails and downloading documents – something every business has to do – in milliseconds, not minutes. Whilst little tasks like these don’t at first appear to be that important, consider how many emails and attachments you receive on a weekly basis. If it’s more than 5 a day, it’s important for productivity to make sure that you do have a high-speed connection to the internet.

So, that demonstrates why broadband for small businesses is important. What’s the options for your business when you’re not in an area with superfast broadband supplied by BT or Virgin?

Broadband for small businesses: Options

Obviously, you don’t want to be paying too much for your broadband connection as a small business. There’s already enough that you have to pay for without spending excessive amounts to have a connection the internet. Keeping that in mind, all of the options listed here are cost-effective so that they’re affordable for your business in the long run.

Line of Sight broadband:

Line of Sight broadband – which is also known as Fixed Wireless broadband – allows businesses in areas that aren’t adequately supplied by organisations such as BT to have a connection that is on par with BT in terms of connection strength and speed.

Line of Sight broadband is literally line of sight: If your business is visible from the mast, your business can have superfast broadband. Line of sight broadband is wireless, running across a fibre network that isn’t owned by BT or Virgin.

Standard (not superfast) broadband:

In the end, broadband is broadband. If your business doesn’t need anything spectacular, choosing standard broadband might be the best option for you.

Generally, it is slightly cheaper than the prior option. The previous option however holds many benefits: the connection is stronger and faster. Despite this, if your business only needs access to broadband a couple of times on any given day, it’s not ideal having to spend money on a connection that you have no need for.

This article was written by Jack Mitchell with useful information from OptionBox. Jack is a digital marketing apprentice with a love of films and science fiction.

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