How To Inspire Environmental Awareness In Employees And Customers

How To Inspire Environmental Awareness In Employees And Customers

If you run a small business in the South East of England you’ll be aware of the pressures associated with your industry, employees and customer satisfaction levels. As you grow as a company over the coming years there will be a number of pressure points and obstacles to overcome, but one thing that you can easily implement in order to achieve a glowing reputation with your customers, and inspire employees, suppliers and customers alike, is to be environmentally aware, and a champion of green causes. Hiring the services of confidential business shredders in the South East is an easy and productive start to these proceedings, helping to shift a company towards a paperless environment, whilst adhering to many compliance and environmental regulations.

Let’s take a look in a little bit more detail how you change the culture of a growing company in order to become more environmentally friendly, reduce the carbon footprint of the entire organisation, boost your reputation with customers and be an all round inspiration within your industry and local community.

There are plenty of things that we use on a daily basis that can be recycled. So much waste is created in any workplace, no matter the size of a company or the scope of projects and industries, that implementing a recycling strategy can go a long way to inspiring others to do the same. Whether your customers decide to give recycling a go, or your suppliers or employees are inspired to do the same, there are a few different things you can do to get started easily and quickly, One way that recycling can easily be implemented within a growing company is to hire a confidential shredding service. At regular (often weekly) intervals, paper waste can be collected from your location and securely taken to a location nearby to be destroyed through shredding. In most cases this shredded paper waste will then be sent for recycling.

Shredding paper waste in an office environment obviously helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the company but it can also help to instil change within the workplace culture and make all employees aware of the impact of their daily roles and processes on the environment. As a cost saving exercise, if you do choose to recycle, a shredding company collecting paper waste is much more efficient than purchasing a shredder and training staff in how to use the machines effectively. This manual route takes up time (as there always has to be someone stood over a shredding machine for it to work) and money that could be better utilised in other areas of a growing business.

There are of course other things that a business leader can achieve to be more environmentally aware, such as promoting car shares and cycle to work initiatives, and shifting to a paperless environment through a digitisation of all new documents created and archiving historical paper documentation. Recycling shredded waste is the perfect way to ease a company into a whole new environmentally aware, ‘green’ culture and you should work with a local firm that you can trust to deliver

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