Christmas Tips For Keeping Pets Safe

Christmas Tips For Keeping Pets Safe

Every year, people all over the world look forward to Christmas, a day on the Christian calendar linked to the birth of Christ. But it is not only kids and adults that treat themselves to niceties on this day. Pets, too, deserve to be looked after during this special event. However, there can be so much to do on this particular occasion to the extent that pets can be overlooked. Knowing very well that dogs, for instance, if not harnessed, can wander about and in the process expose themselves to grave dangers.

The question is: how should they be kept safe? In other words, what plans do you have for your pet for the upcoming holiday? I don’t think that you want to just treat them carelessly. In this regard, there are many amazing blogs and sites, such as company, that provide pet owners with amazing tips on pet care all around the year.

On Christmas day, most people plan on going out with friends and families. But are you going to tag your pets along or leave them at home? Whatever the case, there should always be plans put in place for pets as well. From custom-made clothes for your dog or cat to special harnesses or leashes. You need to reaize that keeping your pets safe is not just about restricting their movements, but also ensuring that their welfare is equally looked into, and if need be, they should be part of the celebrations. Pets love attractive and colorful things, and the question you need to ask in this regard is whether any of such furnishings pose a danger to a pet’s life. Well, take a look below for some amazing safety tips on pets during Christmas.

  • Protect Them From Real Christmas Tree Water

Well, this measure applies to those who prefer real trees to simulations and want to keep their furry friends away from misbehaving. Real trees always have a water bowl, and there are chances your dog or cat could end up playing inside thinking it is their usual bowl. A few wraps of crumbled paper or bottles filled with cereal could help keep them away because when in contact, the crackling noise produced will scare them off. In case of rabbits, chewing of Christmas tree can be irritating, and it means cables dangling from the tree should be kept far from reach.

  • Avoid Giving the Chocolates

Chocolates contain theobromine, which is largely toxic to cats and other pets you keep at home. Thus, do not run the risk of giving it to them and simply keep such sweets out of reach. This further means that any gifts that contain chocolate shouldn’t be left under the Christmas tree, as there are high chances a pet will get hold of it.

  • Supervise Children Mingling Around Pets

Kids do not realize the danger of irritating, say, a dog, and during celebrations, such is likely to occur without you noticing. It is a happy time, and everyone is concerned with what goes around.  A quick precaution you should never forget is to keep watch over pets and kids so that harm doesn’t occur to either party.

  • Regular Feeding

As everyone will be munching on chocolates and other goodies, your furry friends shouldn’t be left to stay hungry. The daily feeding routine should be maintained in as much as you will want to cook something special for your dog. Failure to feed it could cause aggression, which is obviously unhealthy. It is also important to stress the need to feed them on their usual meals most of the times because any new one could result in complications, and this could trigger unwarranted stress during times when you are supposed to be happy playing with friends.

  • Buy Them New Toys

From bowls, balls to collars, anything new is always exciting, even to animals that we pet. During Christmas, everyone is hoping for a special gift, and therefore, even as you will be gifting friends and family, that cat you have always kept at home deserves a special treat as well. New toys will keep them engaged when you are having fun.

It’s always fun to party on holidays, but that’s not the reason for leaving your pets by themselves, so fin the time to take care of them with these useful tips!

The post is provided by Joseph Sartori.

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