The Best Food To Accompany Your Cup Of Coffee

Some coffee lovers just want to get that pure hit of caffeine into their systems as quickly as possible, not even stopping to taste the full flavour of the coffee beans that are working their way through the system. For the majority of us however, the dream is always to sit and savour a cup of coffee, and to do so long enough to enjoy an accompaniment. For quality coffee suppliers the question is always, what would you like to go with that? From cakes to biscuits and everything in-between, let’s take a look at a few options to decide what the best food accompaniment is for your daily cup of coffee.

The Carrot Cake –

For many people the soft, sweet spongy nature of the humble carrot cake is the perfect addition to sit alongside a cup of coffee. A rich and bold black cup of coffee balances nicely with the delicious carrot sponge. This tasty treat might kid you into thinking you are making up part of your 5-a day fruit and veg, but really, who cares when coffee and cake tastes this good?

The Coffee Cake –

Who said you can’t pair your coffee flavoured coffee with a luscious slice of coffee flavoured cake? There’s nothing wrong with a spongy coffee cake, full of flavour that boosts the already gorgeous flavours in your brew to a whole new level.

A Biscuit –

Everyone has a different favourite biscuit, and most of us have a different favourite biscuit to go with whatever drink we are consuming. So for instance, you’d never have a rich tea with a cup of coffee. For a cup of coffee we would recommend either a caramelised biscuit or a shortbread. Both are fantastic to counterbalance a strong cup of coffee. This might be a little controversial to count as a biscuit, but many coffee lovers like to bite on a cookie whilst they sip (cookies could potentially have its whole independent section we know!).

A Plain Donut –

A good old-fashioned simple ringed, plain donut is the perfect dipping accompaniment for a good strong cup of black coffee. If you are after something a little sweet to munch on as you drink your coffee, you can’t go far wrong with this. Indulge yourself with a donut, and although there is nothing stopping you choosing any variation of donut, the plain classic works wonders for us.

A Slice of Chocolate –

Chocolate and coffee are perfect bedfellows. They just work together, possibly better than anything else on the planet! There are plenty of little chocolate treats that work with a cup of coffee, but why not boost the antioxidants that little bit further and have that slice of chocolate cake that’s been staring at you since you walked into the café?

Choosing what to have to eat alongside your cup of morning coffee is a chore, and one that you should really take your time with. What we would suggest is that you try out all of the above, and whatever else you fancy, over the coming days and weeks before making a decision on what your favourite coffee accompaniment is!

Content written by Henry Taylor

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