Photography: From Hobby To Passive Income

Photography is a delicate form of craftsmanship given the relationship between a camera and a person’s vision of art. And for some people, it is also a way of meditation or entertainment as it is a hobby. But only few might know that you can earn from it as well–online. Here we have a few ways you can make money out of photography.

Sell Your Photos on Online Stock Libraries

Purchasing stock photos is very practical nowadays, given that companies do not have to invest much on time, photoshoot equipment, and models. Try selling your photos on online stock libraries such as Shutterstock, 123rf, or That way, you can make money from doing what you love to do and improve on your craft. There are many categories you can choose from, and you can try all sorts of photography styles. It is also important to take note of certain preferences of most online image buyers and capture these images that they usually purchase. Remember, the higher the demand, the better chances you have of selling your photos.

Build an Online Course

Given the right amount of knowledge you have for photography, you can also make a living online by teaching about your skills. You can do so by building an online course. You do not need to have technical skills on web development to do so, all you need to have is the right syllabus and proper learning management system or LMS. Once you have built and online course, you can start earning passive income and make money for sharing your knowledge in photography. This can also become a good opportunity for you to scout talents of your own forte, so that you can build connections and put up your own business in the future.

Create Your Own Site

Once you have established yourself with enough experience in the field of photography, you can now build your own site and start your own business based on the style of photography that suits you. You can start putting up your own business by building your own portfolio. Create a compilation of your best works and have them displayed online. It is important to let people know that your works are unique, so your portfolio has to have your own signature that compliments your work.

Once you are done with your portfolio, start building connections from it. It could be from your co-photographers from the stock photo sites you used to sell from, or it could be from the students you have from the online course you have started. At least from there, you would know where to start.

In the today’s industry of photography, there are plenty of opportunities to make it both a hobby and a career. All it takes is enough willingness with a few simple steps. Whether you start from selling stock photos, build an online course, or build your own site, what’s important is that you are doing something you are truly passionate of. And from there, you get to earn money and at the same time enjoy from it.

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