Pea Variety For Garden With Health Benefits

Pea Variety For Garden With Health Benefits

Peas have a lot of varieties. All are different in size and sweetness.  Some pods are edible and some not. Most exerting part of pea harvesting is selecting which one to cultivate. Several companies sell different types of pea seeds in one packet. There is also a good option for trying out all the varieties.

There is no need to spend extra on every quality. Here is the list of different types of peas:

  • English Pea:

This is a commonly available form of peas. One of the main facts about English peas is that they don’t have edible pods. Pods are the shells in which the peas are present. These are rough in texture and little smooth in texture. These are not suitable for digestion, so the pod part is avoided from eating. Secondly, they can be used only when peas are fully plumped up. A fully matured English pea turns into the dried pea. And, dried pea is the main component of Safed Matar recipe.

  • Snow peas:

Snow peas are also known as Chinese peas. Snow peas are flat-looking peas that contain small-sized seeds in the pod. These pods are, however, edible. Many people enjoy eating them either cooked or raw.

  • Sugar snap peas:

They are just like English peas but little cylindrical. The Pods and seeds of sugar snap peas are also edible. Sugar snap peas take more time to grow-up as compared to English pea.

  • English-White Pea:

English peas are dried up and preserved, which forms the white peas. White peas are commonly known in India as Safed Matar. This is a widely accepted product because of its incomparable resourcefulness and delightful texture. They come under the peas and legumes family. Dried peas are highly nutritious as compare to green peas. These peas are great for making many savory dishes. Many even want to know how to make Safed Matar Ghugni Chaat, which is a popular white pea’s recipe.

Furthermore, here are some health benefits of white peas:

  • People use it in various forms like baked, boiled and fried. It can be paired with corn bread to complete the protein intake.
  • White Peas are low in calories and rich in nutrition. Peas can also help in losing weight. One serving of peas approximately has 225 calories.
  • Niacin present in pea helps to reduce bad cholesterol. Regular usage of the pea can prevent the human body from heart-related disease.
  • They help to regulate bowel movement such as loaded with high fibre. A full cup of dried peas gives 65.1 % fibre.
  • White peas have a considerable amount of folic acid, copper, potassium, magnesium, and protein.
  • White peas complete iron deficiency in young children, pregnant women and for people suffer high blood loss.
  • Sulfites are commonly used in processed food cause nuisance and stupefaction. White dried peas have Molybdenum that detoxifies Sulfites.
  • Isoflavones and antioxidants in white peas prevent from breast cancer and also lower the risk of stomach cancer.

So, white peas are an awesome food item if added to your daily diet. Try them and see the many benefits as well as feel the delicious taste.

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