4 Best GoToMeeting Alternatives

Have used GoToMeeting for some time, and finally find that it’s not always suitable for your company’s needs. If you get tired of GoToMeeting and determine to make a change, you still have a wide variety of video conferencing solutions to choose from. Take a glance at the following GoToMeeting alternatives that are able to make video calls between any smartphones and tablets, and computers. Then, select a reliable GoToMeeting alternative for your business.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting

When it comes to GoToMeeting alternatives, ezTalks Cloud Meeting is the first one that flashes in mind. It’s a professional and versatile video conferencing solution. It’s full featured and meets all needs of business, remote education, telemedicine and more. It offers a free version that can provide up to 100 people for an online video meeting. To get up to 500 people in an online video meeting, you can easily upgrade to its paid version.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting delivers high-definition audio and video, easy screen sharing and interactive whiteboard sharing, online meeting scheduling, meeting recording for later reference, and more. All its features contribute to awesome video conferencing experience.


Most likely we will talk about the most popular video call service – Skype that we are going to present as a GoToMeeting alternative here. Skype functions are many: Skype audio calls, Skype video conference calls, Skype group chat, sending files, calls to phone numbers, etc. However, if it’s on this list, it’s mainly because of how well both the mobile app and the desktop version work. We use Skype daily to talk to our friends and we have to say that the operation is just fantastic. That is why we speak Skype without a doubt, a great GoToMeeting alternative.

Google Hangouts

The next alternative to GoToMeeting is Google Hangouts, another popular instant messaging and video calling service out there, although it may not be as popular as Skype. Google Hangouts integrates with Google +, so you can also make Google video calls to people who simply have added to your circles, without needing to know your email. The Google Hangouts app for Android and iOS comes pre-installed on all devices, while accessing from the PC, you simply log in to Gmail or Google+.


And lastly, let us pass the least known of the four: Patalk. This video call service is perhaps one of the best we’ve ever been able to try. It works fast and well, which is what one looks for in these cases. This alternative for GoToMeeting works flawlessly. At no time will you find cuts in the call or any kind of problem. In addition, it not only allows you to make video calls, but also offers you the possibility of chatting at the same time. To use it from your devices, you can simply install your app from Google Play, App Store, while your PC version requires the installation of a program, which works with Windows and Macintosh OS X.

The GoToMeeting alternatives mentioned above are doing well in video conferencing calls. If you fed up with GoToMeeting and want to make a change, you can pick up a suitable one according to your needs.

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