A Keynote on Magento Payment Process Involving Secure Transaction

A Keynote On Magento Payment Process Involving Secure Transaction

Magento, being the best and highly customizable e-commerce platform is used to create storefronts online. It attracts both the independent and enterprise customers alike as it supports for most of the Payment Gateway Integration. The payment gateway is nothing but a software program which could be integrated into the merchants’ website so as to transmit the transaction data to the credit card, net banking, cash card, mobile payment, and so forth for authorization followed by settlement.

Whenever an online payment is made either through the debit or credit card, the data passes through the payment gateway. And, we find three types of transactions that process the payment data. They are as follows:

  • Authorise: It is a type of transaction where the companies reserve a certain amount from the cardholder’s account till the shipping of the ordered goods are dispatched so as to avoid possible refunds or returns.
  • Capture: It is a type of transaction which does not require the customer data, but transfer the said amount to the merchant’s account.
  • Sale: It is a combination of both the Authorize and Capture which is commonly used for digital goods and the services.

The merchants in Atlanta seek the different types of payment systems they wish to integrate like the CCAvenue, PayPal, Authorize.net, Secure pay, Blue pay, Fast charge, Pay Simple, and so forth with the help of Magento developer in Sydney or any where in Australia so as to attract all types of customers for their website.

If we look into the payment process, it requires a merchant account, an account of the service provider, a buy/join button in order to initiate the transaction. When the visitor clicks on the buy button, fills the card data, a payment request is made and transmitted in the encrypted form. The payment gateway uses the payment processor and confirms the purchaser’s details. If the requested amount is available in the bank and credentials are rightly filled, then the fund transfer gets initiated and sent to the user once the transaction gets completed.

Thus, the merchants when adopt for Magento payment gateway integration services for their Magento eCommerce store they are able to make the purchase of their products or the services easier to the buyers without any extra effort. Moreover, the payment is made secure through encryption without saving the customers’ data. The data is secure from hackers. Thus, the each transaction process is valid and ensures the authorized users to have the access the payment gateway account and alerts for any suspicious account access or the network level.

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