The Prospects of Moving your Store to Magento 2

The Prospects Of Moving Your Store To Magento 2

If you are planning to make any major changes for your existing Magento store in order to gain more customers, then opting for Magento 2 development would be the right choice. One of the supportive reasons could be that the community would no longer support the older versions beyond 2018. And, any investment made into the Magento store in the meantime may be spent on re- platforming in order to avoid duplicating efforts. Still, when the features of the new version are considered, it is indeed worth to make the move.

Let us look into some of the worthy reasons and understand the platform better.


The first and foremost reason to opt for Magento 2 development services could be attributed for performance. The studies indicate that the page load is increased by 30- to 50 % and is able to handle about 39% more orders. It eventually brings in more customers as the users would be delighted with faster interaction, faster add-to-cart times, lesser or no abandonment of carts due to technical causes.

How does it do so? Let us deep dive more.

  • The Magento developer(s) have included the Ajax Cart and there is no need of installing the module. It uses the JavaScript in order to add items so that the reloading of the entire page is avoided. Quite obviously, the load is lessened on the hosting hardware and thus provides a more responsive experience for the customers.
  • The improved caching technologies like Varnish help to store the most commonly accessed elements and serve faster to the customers.
  • It is optimized for PHP 7 and thus provides superior performance as compared to previous versions.
  • The new features and functionalities facilitate to spread the demand over multiple servers in order to handle large traffic spikes.

Admin Enhancements

The job of the admin is made simple. He is able to handle the site in a simpler manner and efficiently saving time.

  • The step-wise product creation tool facilitates to add new products quickly and accurately.
  • The data grid view could be customized for selective attributes leading to clean and uncluttered interfaces.
  • The organized menu leaves for a smaller learning curve and seeking is simpler.
  • The product data safeguard facilitate multiple administrators to work simultaneously.
  • The merchandising of the products is easy as the videos could be added in a simple manner.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

The version has cut down the pain points of the customers making the shopping simpler leading to more sales.

  • The checkout process is improved with simplified registration process, order details and summary and improved payment process increases trust.
  • The configuration of Elastic Search is simple and results in faster and better search results for the customers.
  • The streamlined mobile-friendly checkout and faster performance attracts mobile shoppers and brings high conversion rate.

If you are still thinking to stay with your existing store, it’s high time to make a conversation with your Magento ecommerce web development agency. They can help you to make a long term transition plan for your business.

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