Branded Golf Gifts

Have you ever noticed the amount of advertising that gets attached to golf tournaments? Golf is famous for not only being a sport, but also a prime networking opportunity. The golf course is the perfect venue for businesses to get familiar with one other and discuss business in a relaxed setting.

The focus is usually on the game, but the subtext is often majority business. If you are looking to up your game at gift-giving, a golf themed gift shop of promotional items might be just the thing you need.

Those who do not play golf may wonder what could be included in a promotional golf gift basket besides clubs, balls, and umbrellas. However golf involves many other accessories, including many small items that golfers often have plenty of while on the course. You can get brand recognition with engrained wooden tees, or embroidered golf towels and caps. All of these items are considered essential, so you can be sure that those you gift them to will use them at some point. Also, small pencils and scorecard covers are also handy.

Always keep in mind that above all things, presentation matters. When giving promotional golf gifts, there are many minor choices you can make that will set your product apart from everyone else who is promoting their company.

For instance, you can choose a gift pack that comes packaged in a small bag, or you can go big and place the items in a shoe or duffel bag that also bears your brand’s name and logo. You can also scale the size the company’s golf gifts. You may want to keep things simple with a nice small gift pack, such as a set of balls. Alternatively, you might want to out together a complete golf gift pack, which would include a set of balls, tees, makers, pencils, a scorecard holder, cap, a golf umbrella and a golf towel. All of these items can feature your brand’s name.

Your clients will use these items when they golf with you at the event. More importantly, however, they will continue using them when they golf with others at separate events. This gives your brand amazing visibility. Your company will be getting noticed whenever and wherever your client uses their golf gifts. Promotional items offer a chance to get your brand seen outside of the normal advertising venues. Therefore, it is imperative that you take the time to think of what you want to give to your clients.

Which items do you believe they will use most often? Is there any information you can gather about those you will be marketing to at events that will help you customize unique items that no one else will be offering?

The size of your gift may not be as important as the level of usefulness. For instance, gifting someone an umbrella may be more useful than gifting a giant bag of other items, since this item is guaranteed to be put out for longer durations, as onlookers shield themselves from the sunlight. In any case, pair your gift ideas with effective branding that will ensure consumers can recall your company and what it offers to the public.

Florin A. is Advertising professional at Linked organisation, an Ireland-based marketing and client experience consultancy that assists corporations in the Ireland produce powerful customer experiences.

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