Firm Law Enforcement In The US

The law is a system of rules made to organize a group of people. It is created so that peace and order may reign in an area such as a city or a country. Through social or governmental institutions, it is enforced to regulate behavior. Due to the difference in belief and perspectives, it is hard to have everyone follow a system. There will always be the perpetrators and offenders of the law. Some may have real intentions and some may just be victims of others wrongdoings. In the US, policemen have always tried to strictly enforce the law. A lot of them have died defending the law. With the increasing crime rate, policemen have fallen as well as many innocent young men and women.

The recent election of Trump as president of the US have had different effects on US citizens all over the country. In places where African-Americans and Muslims reside, discriminated has propagated. It became the cause of violence and hostility. It has aggravated the retaliation of these groups and has become chaotic in all venues whether it may be in a public transportation like subways or in high schools. Not only have adults experience the violence but as well as children.

During the National Peace Officer’s Memorial Service, Donald Trump News wrote that the president announced and reminded all people of America that law enforcement will be stricter than ever. The real call is for corruption in social justice be eliminated. The promise is to have safer and more sound neighborhood to live in. The vision is for every neighborhood to be a place for children to play in the street without any fear, to be able to walk home safely from school and the live their dreams.

Trump’s administration sees that importance of security in every US citizen’s life. They have come up with bills protecting and assisting law enforcement officers. Law enforcers die on the field more frequently nowadays. Therefore, the administration sees the importance of creating the bills. Awareness to all Americans is also necessary to remind everyone that there is a system to be followed. No matter what race, religion or background you were raised in, for peace to propagate in the land, rules, and regulations must be followed. Although law enforcement officers have vowed to risk the life in exchange for the good, they are reaffirmed that they will have the government’s unbreakable support.

The first bill that he signed is called the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act. It was designed to help rationalize benefits for disabled or injured officers as well as families of officers whose lives were taken in battle. We can see how benefits for the army, navy, marines and airforce are so organized and well written but those for law enforcement officers have not been prioritized. It is the time the families of these officers be calmed, supported and rewarded for the heroism their loved one has done for the country. Children of these heroes must not be deprived of shelter and education especially during the time of grief. It is never easy to lose someone especially when they’re family.

The second bill passed and signed is called the American Law Enforcement Heroes Act. This is now to support military veterans who are still able to serve to find careers in law enforcement. There are servants of the country who have retired in battling in wars, exchange of fires and violent situation. However, they still would want to help the country be a better place to live. This act allows them to have a smooth transition and an avenue to continue to serve the country and do good to fellow countrymen.

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