The Victorian Era- One Of The Most Fashionable Periods For Women!

The Victorian Era was really a impressive period in history. It was during this time period that Queen Victoria was the ruling monarch of the UK. If you closely look at this period you will find that the women were highly fashionable and in vogue. They were so style conscious that their appeal and sense of fashion have been copied by many nations down the ages as well!

The women of the Victorian Era

Ann Dewitt is passionate and enthusiastic about the Victorian Era and the women of that period when it comes to their clothes and fashion sense. She says that she has researched and seen that the manufacture of dresses and clothes came from different sources. The women from different classes wore different clothes. The Ann DeWitt Civil War accounts state that most of the clothes for the fashion conscious Victorian Era women were manufactured in factories.

Impeccable fashion sense still remembered today

The ladies were style conscious and they picked material as per their class and economic background. Luckily at that time communication was also flourishing. With communication, the fashion scene also became very dynamic. Women did not want to wear the same style and trends for a long time. They looked for fresh style as they were not keen on wearing backdated designs. Their fashion accessories and hairstyles were also noteworthy. They complemented the attire they sported. The Victorian era women was ahead of her league and was and still is one of the most fashion iconic women of the world.

The advent of bonnets and how they became popular

The Victorian era woman was very fond of hats. These hats were not large but they were dainty and feminine in nature. Later bonnets came on the scene and their popularity spread like wildfire throughout Europe. They were popular because they were more convenient to wear than the ornately decorated large hats. These bonnets were available in different colors and they often matched the dresses of their wearers as well.

The fashion and style of dresses

The dresses of the women in the Victorian Era also became narrow. They loved to wear their hair in ringlets as this enhanced their style. They also preferred dresses that were tight fitted in nature. They also liked to wear skirts that were wider. They used to wear petticoats that were stiff and they used horse hair for support. She says that the Victorian Era gives you a deep insight into how women loved to wear their clothes with the right accessories.

When it comes to fashion and style you will find that the Ann DeWitt Civil War accounts are very detailed and they give you a beautiful illustration and picture on how stylish and fashionable the Victorian women was during that period. She says that if you really have a keen interest in fashion, these accounts will give you an insight on how the Victorian Era women loved her style and really wooed not only the UK but the whole world as well!

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