Anavar steroid is also made legal in some of the few countries and in the other countries you require a doctor’s prescription to buy it legally. This steroid is very helpful during the cutting cycle in removing or cutting the fat before adding muscles to the body. This steroid will also increase the vascularity of the body, for which the person has to be in the lean state of the body and also help the muscles to appear ripped and toned. The other name for the Anavar hormone is Oxandrolone. So when it comes to the women should use Anavar, as it is considered to be the best and top choice for them. When this steroid is properly used, then it has no adverse side effect on the athletes or the bodybuilders. This steroid helps in gaining energy and strength within the muscle tissue by stimulating the phosphocreatine synthesis.

Anavar came into the market in the year 1964.and it was manufactured in the Searle laboratories, which is in the current time known as the Pfizer. If the women’s are building the new body mass or wants to just slim the body weight than Anavar is the best anabolic steroid. In the market, Anavar has a very good reputation in being the mildest and safest steroid in comparison to the other steroids like Winstrol,Danabol etc.  It has a very short half life of nine hours due to which ones it pass through the blood stream it get activated very quickly. It is considered to be less harm on the liver than any other orally ingested steroids.

It is the best recommended steroid for the female athletics and bodybuilders. This doesn’t mean that men cannot use it. They can also use and will get great results too. As this steroid us little less potent, therefore it is recommended to have 20mg -80 mg per day. Anavar is advised to be taken twice a day for more rapid effect on the body because of its short half life. There will be no virilation side effects as it is a mild androgenic. The basic effect of this steroid is to loss fat, along with that it will also help in removing the abdominal and visceral fat from the body of both men and women.  Further studies have shown that Anavar can help you out in permanent gain in muscles along with fat loss with little or no exercise.

Anavar also has very side effects which are irreversible in case of women’s such as menstrual abnormalities and clitomegaly. Other than this there also some other side effects that are been observed in very cases like renal side effects, dermatologic side effects, oncologic side effects, psychiatric side effects etc.  Years of search and studies have proved that Anavar will have no adverse effect on the women, before and after taking of this anabolic steroid.  Therefore after a successful search, it is recommended that both men and should take Anavar two to three times or five to six tablets per day after the meals, to achieve the best results related to their body. Women should use Anavar after one to two hours after their meals. And if any of the case, both men and women face any gastrointestinal problems than they should avoid taking it.

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