Effects Of Color On Your Home- Key Insights!

Most residential owners view home décor especially painting as a task they need to undertake themselves or with the help of professionals to make their homes look attractive. However, color psychology experts of prominent home renovation companies hold the view that the shades these individuals choose to paint their houses can affect the well-being of its inhabitants. These specialists go on to say it is important for these people to become aware of the influence of color on their moods and minds. This will go a long way in helping them include the right shades in their living spaces that can reflect their family’s lifestyle and personality.

Steve Silvers is the former Chief Executive Officer of Empire Today. He runs a lucrative and innovative home improvement company called Paint Squad. This corporate enterprise offers first-rate painting solutions for residential owners and business enterprises.He says it is essential for residential owners to use the idea of color psychology to create an environment that contributes to the emotional well-being of the inhabitants of the house. They should first consider the primary role of each room in their homes and choose a predominate shade to paint it with. He recommends the following colors for the important rooms in people’s houses:

  • Living rooms and hallway

He urges residential owners to paint such rooms with warm and vibrant colors. These include reds, beige, yellow, light browns or oranges. This is because such shades encourage people who come over to their homes to sit down and have a meaningful conversion with the hosts of the residence.

  • Kitchens

For many people the kitchen invokes warm memories of family members sitting around a large table and enjoying their meals together. This is the reason why most owners opt for a blue and white color scheme for this room. However, he says for people who want the place to look more appetizing, they should color it red.

  • Dining rooms

Mr. Silvers urges people to paint their dining room with vibrant red colors because these shades encourage the inhabitants of the household to have conversions with their guests. Moreover, it also stimulates the appetites of all the individuals in the room.

  • Bedrooms

As most people associate bedroom with a place where they can go and unwind after a hard day’s work. Moreover, this is also the only room in the house where they can reconnect with their partners and children. Therefore, he suggests these individuals should use blues, lavenders or greens for such areas as these colors have a soothing effect.

  • Bathrooms

For residential owners, bathrooms are a place where they can relax and rejuvenate themselves in addition to washing up. This is the reason they should use warm color like whites, blues, turquoises and green. Such colors invoke purity, freshness and cleanliness in minds of such people.

Steve Silvers goes on the say that color psychology in any home improvement project can go a long way in enhancing the ambience of the people residing in a house.

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