Top Tips For Designing Both Indoor and Outdoor Banners: What You Should Remember

Banners are one of the best marketing tools you have in your arsenal – they’re relatively cheap, they give an excellent return on investment, and they can be used in various settings, meaning that they are versatile. However, It’s important that they are designed for a certain purpose, and that the layout is thought through.

Whilst designing is not always easy (as it takes a lot of marketing research and requires you to make a lot of important decisions), there are some guidelines to use that make the whole process a lot more easygoing. Have you ever wondered how your pull up banner or pop up banner can attract the right people at the right time? Here are the top tips for designing both indoor and outdoor banners: what you should remember.

Keeping it simple

The roller banner is not meant to contain a full menu of a restaurant, or a complete range of products a company has to offer. A banner is meant to promote a brand and to send out a clear message to the people: we are here, you can trust us, see what we have to offer! When designing your banner, keep it as simple as possible. Be clear about your message, and design it such that it has a great reception with the potential customer.

Sticking with the theme

You have a brand, so use the colours of your company and your brand on the roll up banner to promote them. Have a simple theme in mind – it should come across clearly in your message. Your theme may depend on the customer, on the occasion, or on the location of your banner. Think it through – all aspects are important.

Outdoor banners

When it comes to outdoor advertising (with banners), you should be colourful – you need to attract the attention of those passing by. Good colour combinations are black on yellow (or yellow on black), or white and blue combinations. Keep your message simple and easy to read, as potential customers tend to be far away.

Indoor banners

For indoor banners, you should be more subtle (use calming colours) and you’re allowed to give a little more information. Be careful not to use too many letters or fonts, however. Keep it as simple as possible and you’re sure to have great pop up banner stands.

Graphic designers do a great job and their work truly is invaluable – however (no offense to those fine professionals), when it comes to banners, you don’t necessarily have to hire a graphic designer in order to make your banner stand out and deliver excellent results. You do, however, need to keep the important guidelines in mind, and do your research when it comes to your target demographic. It’s an exciting process, and by following simple rules, you’re sure to accomplish that marketing mission with flying colours.

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