How Expensive Are Xylobands?

Xylobands: A Unique Concert Experience

Colorful Xylobands use the power of brilliant LED lighting and RF frequency transmitting devices to illuminate a concert hall in intimate, vivid ways. Bands and promoters in the past have employed this tool to shift light across a large space, creating stronger ties between individuals in the audience and the beat of the music. In a sense, the use of Xylobands, a deceptively simple wristband or lanyard with LED capabilities, enables lighting technicians to usher colored lights into direct, personal contact with every individual in an audience. As an inclusive lighting special effect, this process possesses few equals!

The cost of using Xylobands hinges around several factors. This article will explore those elements in some detail.

The Size And Scope of The Transmitter

The cost of utilizing Xylobands of course depends upon both the size and scope of the radio frequency transmitter which directs impulses to the individual units, and the presence of a trained tech capable of setting up and programming the system. Today, this technology has fallen significantly in price, making Xylobands more readily available to concert audiences. A single ground-based transmitter can serve a handful of participants, or several thousand.

Locating a trained Xyloband technician may depend upon the site and the available talent pool. For this reason, groups seeking to use Xyloband technology at performances should submit detailed information about proposed projects to the Xylobands website. You’ll obtain a personal quote, enabling you to plan constructively.

The Xyloband Devices

Another important cost consideration involves the number and availability of Xylobands. Encompassing wristbands and lanyards, this innovative technology can help audiences develop a strong sense of unification and shared musical appreciation. The site of several thousand Xylobands pulsing to the rhythm of the music in a blackened auditorium or concert hall proves every bit as stimulating (and perhaps even more powerful) than a roving colored spotlight.

Bands can orchestrate the Xyloband response to enjoy a variety of different pulsing colors, or a single, unifying colored light. The extent to which a promotor chooses to invest in distributing this technology amongst the crowd may become a factor in the total price. Obviously, more Xylobands in the audience permit a stronger display. Yet the strategic placement of Xyloband wearers across an auditorium or arena can also impact the presentation significantly. By sharing your goals and objectives for the use of Xyloband technology, you may obtain the best possible results as you evaluate effective pricing strategies.


The impact of a Xyloband array may also depend upon available lighting and production technologies to some extent. For instance, if an arena possesses the capability to completely black out overhead lights on the floor, lighting technicians can support a Xyloband display.

In some outdoor concert situations, other light sources might dilute the overall impact of the use of Xylobands to some extent. The presence of nearby parking lot lights, a full moon, or other factors might somewhat diminish a Xyloband array’s impact.

Further Information

Forums such as planetariums, universities, casinos and museums find themselves especially well-suited to providing vivid Xyloband presentations. This fascinating technology reinforces presentations in a gripping, very entertaining way!

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