Tips On Locating A Reputable Attorney

We all need legal advice or representation at one point or the other and finding a reputable attorney who will handle your matter effectively can be a huge challenge. After all, attorneys do not only dispense legal information. They also offer strategic advice and bring on board technical skills to deal with the matter at hand. A good attorney also educates and updates your legal knowledge and can take over as your legal counsel when necessary. With all this in mind, finding a reputable attorney does not only entail reading an advertisement and calling the number provided. How then can you find a reputable attorney?

  1. Determine the Type of Attorney You Need

Different lawyers handle different aspects of the law. You first have to determine the area of the law where your case falls. It could be bankruptcy law, criminal law, trusts and estates, family law, personal injury law, employment law, disability specialist, small business or corporate law, among many others. You should also aim for a lawyer who is familiar with the laws and courts of where you live a this ensures that your best interests are represented.

  1. Personal Referrals

If you know of anyone who has faced the same problem you are facing now, you can ask them to recommend a good attorney you can reach out to. But remember, just because someone says that the recommended attorney is good does not mean that they are the best you can find. Ensure that you meet with the attorney and then gauge if they are the perfect fit for you. The good thing is that even if that attorney cannot handle your case, he/she can recommend another attorney who could handle your case.

  1. Online Services

Nowadays you can find pretty much anything or anyone on the internet. Many sites such as connect individuals with local lawyers. Depending on your location and the nature of the legal case you need handled, such online services can send you in the right direction. These online services have lawyer directories that offer comprehensive profiles of their lawyers which should help you choose the right attorney for your case. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your case and leave your contact details and the right type of lawyer will contact you directly.

  1. Business Referrals

If you know businesses that provide key players in the legal area your case falls in can also come in handy in helping you find a reputable attorney. For example, if you need a lawyer who handles small business law, you can talk to your accountant, banker, real estate broker or insurance agent. At one point or the other, they will have had contact with lawyers who represented their business clients. Lawyers are always looking for new clients and will not mind a referral if they can handle your case.

  1. Contacting Your Local Bar Association

The American Bar Association and state and local Bar Associations have search and referral tools that can help you locate a good attorney depending on the type of lawyer you need. These associations cannot help you directly but they can give you listings of certified and practicing lawyers in the area you are interested. They are, therefore, a good starting point in searching for a lawyer before narrowing down on those who could best handle your case.

Finding a reputable lawyer is not as easy as many people think. Once you have narrowed down the list of attorneys you believe are best suited to handle your case or legal matter, call and set up an appointment with each of them. On the set date, ask them pertinent questions and offer them information on your issue after which you can choose the attorney you are most comfortable with.

Written by Kellie Bertels, an attorney at Bandre, Hunt and Snider in Jefferson City, MO. Bandre, Hunt and Snider are the best attorneys Jefferson City MO have to offer.

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