A Home For The Homeless People

A Home For The Homeless People

No one wants to become homeless or prepares themselves for the possibility of becoming homeless. For most of the people, it has always been a worst fear that may or may not come true. But due to the recent socio-economic events this nightmare has become today’s harsh reality for millions of people in various countries. Most of them cannot afford some of the basic human needs like food, shelter and clothing. This is when a community church plays a vital role.

For the thousands of children who are neglected, thrown on the road and are homelessness, it is crucial for them to have a roof on their head and a safe place that will provide them with basic amenities of life to put them on the path to righteousness and self-sufficiency. Westside Family Church is a leading community family church that maintains these countries’ needy and homeless children and individuals so that they can rebuild their lives. Located in a predominately military community, Westside Family Worship Centre provided a place of refuge through word, worship and relationship which was so needed in the lives of military families moving in and transferring out on a regular basis. 26 years later, the passion of Jim and Esther Wilder for serving this Westside community has not lessened, rather remaining faithful to the call of caring and reconciling families to God’s purpose.

This Westside community has established many different centres and institutes whose mission is not only to preach moral guidance to the children and adults, but also aid those who are needy and considered suddenly homeless. It has its own approach and varying curriculum activities but all are focused on providing children and human service programs. These programs are designed to educate people about moral and social development and career advancement, and provide food and medical assistance as well. Westside Family Church takes a unique and alternative approach and strives to bring different communities together by regaining hope and harmony in the lives of the needy and homeless. They provide relief for those in danger and need, by reason of youth, ill-health, age, disability, financial hardship or any other crisis or disadvantage.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without such non-profit churches that provide the necessary resources. In today’s economic crunch and uncertainty, the numbers of the needy and homeless are steadily increasing every year. Although the rate has stabilized, the progress has been slow and the thus the impact small in comparison to the damage that has already taken place.

Due to the multifaceted benefits and programs offered by community church such as Westside Family Church Lenexa KS, thousands of individuals who find themselves, struggling without the basic needs, now have a place where they can live a happy life. They can find a hot meal to eat, bed to sleep in and even the necessary guidance and skills to help them overcome the hurdles and challenges they are facing. This community church can give the needy, homeless a second chance at life that they need.

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