Should A Business Bother With Twitter And Facebook?

This is an age of Facebook and Twitter. From kids to middle age people, all are trying to keep track of what others are up to. However, with the recent development of business strategies by Facebook and Twitter, one doubts if these websites are in the market for the purpose they were initially launched.

There could be two reasons why people turn to Twitter and Facebook when they try to grow their business clients’ network. It could be either because both these platforms provide a great platform for advertisement and media coverage, or simply because they have a personal profile created already. However, the serious question is if businesses really need social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook – Not Enough for the Success of Business

After all, we should not forget the fact that Facebook (or even Twitter for that matter) is just one of the tools businesses can use to make their presence felt in the world or grow awareness for your product or services among people. However, you should not rely completely on a social media platform for the success of your business.

The reason is that your business does not own Facebook and you are trying to promote your business by another provider. If you wrote something about your business on Facebook that breaches their terms and conditions, it can leave you at the risk of losing your business. Eventually, your business website can go down for good.

Evidences suggest that Facebook is not an appropriate platform for you to promote your business. Besides, it is not ethical and does not justify the very purpose the social networking website was created for. Several reputable businesses have recently been a victim of great business losses when they were claimed to have violated the copyrights of Facebook.

If you are a business and use Twitter to get prospective clients to your own business site, think again. Ask yourself if it is really going to work or give you the success you are looking for.

Reasons Why Twitter is Not Good for Business

1. Ask yourself if your target market is on Twitter. Your prospective users have to be visiting twitter ever day to keep track of your business activities. However, you will be surprised to know that some of your potential customers do not use this social networking site at all.

2. There is a great competition and many companies from your line of business are already present on the site. Unless you really offer something completely unique, you are not going to get a competitive advantage.

3. It goes completely against the core purpose of the website. Twitter was developed with an intention of bringing people together and sharing social experiences, not for promoting business and seeking profits. What is really annoying is when people spam others with the advertisement of their business. Not only does it irritate the users, but it also drives them away from your business. If you keep spamming someone with your business promotional activities, you are never going to get them to click to your website.

4. You, as a business, cannot start conversation with others. Twitter is not a tool for broadcasting business news. It is meant for personal and social interactions.

Stephanie J. Clark is author of this article, she also writes about futures continuous contract.

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