wonder park at nerul

Have Fun At Wonder Park

Mumbai has a lot major attractions to visit and that is why; it is a place where one wants to visit. There has been a lot of centre of attractions and in recent years there have been a lot of additions to them. These places are gorgeous and those who have visited Mumbai in recent years have not missed taking a look at these places.

One such attraction is definitely the Wonders Park at Nerul which is located at Navi Mumbai. This is one of the recent additions of the city’s attractions. It was inaugurated in the year 2012 which means just a couple of years back. This is a park which covers an area of 30 acres of land and it is an open space which has a lot of attractions for the children and for the adults as well.

Have Fun At Wonder Park

This park was built under the rules and costs of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation and according to official information the park was made with a cost of total Rs44 cores. Day by day, this place is gaining a huge amount of popularity and people gather there to enjoy the ride in the toy train and other fun rides. Apart from that, the major attraction of this place is the replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World present here. As all the wonders of the world are present here, hence the name of the place is Wonder Park.

The Major Attractions of this Place

Here the major attractions have to be the seven wonders of the world which includes the Taj Mahal of Agra (India), Cristo Redactor of Rio de junior (Brazil), Collosseum of Rome (Italy), Chichen Itza of Yucatan (Mexico), Machu Pichu of Peru (South America), Great Wall of China on the Chinese Border and Petra Al Khajneh of Maan (Jordan). In front of every replica, there are metal boards which have a description and important information about every wonder of the world.

Apart from the Seven Wonders of the World, one can here indulge into the joy rides of the ferry wheels as well. This is one of the favourite rides for the children and even for the grownups as well. Everyday a huge amount of crowd gathers to get a ticket of the joy ride and there is a huge amount of rush there. Other than this ferry wheel there are other fun things for the children like a cycling track and a jogging track as well. Then there is an amphitheatre which can accommodate almost 100 people for a single show. This place is full of lush greens everywhere and here are a lot of empty places where one can indulge into an afternoon or an evening stroll.

This wonder park also has a lake which is also known as the Khandoli Lake. Then there is the famous toy train ride here. The toy train ride can be done by Rs25 per person as one has to buy a ticket to enjoy the ride. Then there are some amazing sculptures here as well. The entire place is very beautiful and it is a place which one should not miss to visit when in Navi Mumbai. The park opens at 6 AM in the morning and closes at 12 in the noon. Again, it opens as 3 PM and then closes at 9PM in the night.

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