5 Strategies To Improve Operational Performance Of Call Centres

When it comes to servicing the customers, there is nothing which can beat a human interaction. Customers might look at the product online, read the reviews online, chat live with the qualified executives, but when they have to invest their hard earned money into a product, they want to be doubly sure. And we as humans have faith in another human much more than a machine. In other words, however research a customer might do but he is most likely to purchase a product when he has had a word with the sales executive. It happens various number of times that people make a purchase only because the sales person persuaded them to do so.

When your sales agents play such a vital role in the process of purchase you need to ensure that they deliver nothing but the best. Especially when it comes to reaching out to customers over phones companies prefer call centres outsourcing over doing everything in-house. This gives them the access to expert guidance and that too with no involvement of capital costs. As the agents sitting in the call centres come in direct contact with the customers, it becomes crucial for the management to ensure that their performance is of superior quality.

Below there are mentioned a few strategies the implementation of which will ensure that your agents are able to improve their performance manifolds:

Bridging the gap between classroom training and on-the job task: The major problem which occurs that results in inefficiency of the agents to handle customers is training. The employees are trained in the classrooms with outdated technologies and methods. And when they come on the floor to finally get to work, the customers which have to handle are nowhere even closer to what they had learnt. This huge gap in training needs to be corrected. Management needs to understand that agents need to be given continuous support and training in order for them to deliver best services to the clients.

Implementation of robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
When it comes to building relationships with customers, their personal information is vital. Enterprises prefer roping in efficient call centres outsourcing companies not because of their fancy accomplishments but because they know how to build and foster relationships with customers. A vigorous CRM system will ensure that the agents attending to the queries have all the necessary information already with them and are not annoying the customer by asking the same questions again and again. In addition to that, a well-constructed CRM mechanism ensures that agents are able to deliver personalized services to customers and don’t treat them in a generalized manner.

Complete elimination of abandoned calls: A good call centre agent would be the one who holds the necessary skills which empower him to reduce the hold time and eliminate the call abandonments. Customers, when already agitated, hate to be put on hold and studies have proven that within a minute of being kept on hold customers hung up on the calls. This thing has a direct impact on the customer satisfaction levels. Thus, it needs to be ensured that customers are made to hold for the least amount of time possible and there should be no abandoned calls.

Intelligent utilization of technology: In call centres,agents are supposed to do everything but it is entirely stupide to expect them to perform extremely well without any technological support. By implementing and using technologies to the fullest so that it simplifies the work of your agents you will be able to ensure that your agents focus on your customers and their queries instead of the system and the technology. Various technological advancements are happening in this arena which are resulting in first call resolutions, lower costs per call, etc.

Customer feedback: When it comes to identifying what is bothering the customers no one but them can explain it in the best manner. By implementing such methods which facilitate you in connecting to your customers and gaining their true insights on your product and service, you will be able to identify all the possible areas which need improvement. This will not only help you in increasing the satisfaction levels of your customers but will also help you in creating a more positive image of yourself in the market.

As companies can’t manage everything on their own, call centres outsourcing is preferred to do the work. In order to provide impeccable support to customers, it is vital to ensure that the agents are pioneers in performance. Good performing agents would surely help you in achieving better customer satisfaction.

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