Viable Solutions To World’s Energy Crisis

Viable Solutions To World’s Energy Crisis

With the advent of the 21st century, many countries around of the globe face an energy crisis. This particular problem has the potential to change the world, as most people know it today and everyone living on this planet. Moreover, this dilemma will affect every strata of society from common work hardworking individuals to a country’s elite. Moreover, the governments of various countries around the world cannot afford to brush this issue under the carpet and focus their attention on other matters. It is a topic, which requires all heads of all nations to sit together on the negotiation table and address it immediately.

Luis Manuel Ramirez, the CEO of TodoModo Group and an expert on global energy, says that world leaders need to consider the question of sustainability as a viable solution to this energy crisis.  He explains that this is the only way forward for people to satisfy their present needs while saving this fragile planet for future generation. It implies that the means to deal and resolve this crisis must take into accounts the needs of tomorrow’s citizens who will inhabit earth. This is in addition to the need to catering to the energy requirements of people already living on this world.

He goes on to explain that the possible solutions to this energy crisis that people around the world need adopt include:

  • Making use of renewable energy sources

The most viable answer to the question of resolving the energy crisis the world is facing today is to reduce its dependence on non-renewable fossils as an energy source. It is important for people around the globe to conserve such resources by adopting solar power, wind energy and steam to meet their requirements wherever possible. However, this expert admits that the transition will not be easy as most industries depend on fossils fuels like gas, oil and coal to conduct their manufacturing operations.

  • Performing energy audits

Energy audit is a procedure that helps house owners and businessmen recognize areas where they a wasting and losing energy and to take necessary steps. The professionals who conduct this process can assist such individuals in reducing their carbon footprints and save money at the same time.

  • Easy access to the power grid

It is necessary for local authorities to give permission to people who generate their own electricity through other means like solar energy to plug into the main power grid. In addition to this, they should get the credit they deserve for the surplus electricity they feed back into this network.

  • Purchasing energy-efficient products

People need to be aware of the importance of using chlorofluorocarbon and light-emitting diode bulbs to light their homes and business establishments. These commodities consume less electricity and go a long way in averting the present energy crisis.

Luis Manuel Ramirez says the present energy crisis will eventually affect every person living on this planet. However, if people start to implement to the above viable solutions to this problem, it is possible for them to meet their own energy needs and those of future generations.

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