Top 8 Items A Delhi Bride Must Have In Her Purse

So, it’s your wedding and you are going to be the center of attraction during the whole event. You have meticulously planned everything – from your outfit to footwear to jewelry and makeup. You have run multiple trials with your look and are completely confident to enthrall everyone on your big day. But have you shortlisted the items you need to carry in your purse at the venue? No? You should; because your makeup or outfit may get spoiled at any time during the event and you never know when your candid wedding photographer clicks you. Hence, you should always be ready to fix any minor wardrobe malfunction or makeup mistakes. You wouldn’t like to flash a smile when you have lipstick marks on your teeth or would strike a pose with a ripped seam because of an unfortunate meeting between your lehenga and your heels.

Hence, we have brought here a list of top eight items that deserve to accompany you on your wedding venue:

Safety pins and fabric tape: Garments are delicate and prone to wear and tear. Don’t take any chances and use safety pins if that heavy border is ripping off the lehenga. Use these wonder pins to keep the pleats in place if they become unruly suddenly. To combat any unintended slips, bring fabric tapes to your rescue.

Blotting paper: Yes we know you are in Delhi and the winter is still in full swing. But, you need to remember that, your wedding photographer will use strong lights to capture good images which will emit a lot of heat. If you have naturally oily skin or are using a cream based makeup, you may look way shinier for your liking. Hence, keep blotting papers handy to mattify yourself instantly.

Moisturizers: A small bottle of moisturizer is an absolute must at your wedding. It is winter and your hands and feet are going to dry out very quickly. Apply moisturizing lotion to your palm and feet every now and then and show off your mehndi designs on your wedding photography with confidence.

Lipstick and lip balm: Do we need to even mention this? You are going to smile continuously and dry out your pouts. Apply a little bit of lip balm in regular intervals and grin without fear. Also, it is absolutely necessary to touch-up your lipstick every few hours to keep it look fresh throughout.

Makeup remover and Q-tip: These will come handy during those emotional moments when you may not be able to hold your tears. A little makeup remover on a Q-tip will erase any bleeding mascara.

Band-aid: Well, this is a new pair of shoes which has been biting you since you have put them on. Relax. Use band-aid on affected parts and sail through the evening.

Slippers/flats: High heels are an absolute must for a glamorous look but definitely uncomfortable. Moreover, they can account for back pain if worn for a long time. Hence, switch to flats whenever possible – like while traveling to and fro the venue.

Perfume: Nice aromas can uplift our mood instantly. When you smell good, you feel great. And when you feel great, you look gorgeous too. Spray a little perfume on your pressure points every few hours and sail through strenuous rituals smiling. Your wedding photographer in Delhi will thank you for this.

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