How To Wish Your Pakistani Friends This Pakistan Day

How To Wish Your Pakistani Friends This Pakistan Day

Celebrated on 23rd March every year, The Pakistan Resolution Day is an important day for all the people living here.

If you have a Pakistani friend, it would be a good gesture to offer your wishes on their important day. This will make your friendship stronger.

However, it is important to first understand the importance of this day and the culture of the people living in

Pakistan. Hence, this article offers you the necessary tips on how to wish your Pakistani friends on Pakistan Day.

 1.Understand the culture and sentiments

During this holiday, people love to have special breakfast, meet their friends and eat lots and lots of Mithai. You can send Mithai to Pakistan for your friends on this day. There are many platforms, offering quick and reliable services.

Apart from the holiday enjoyment, the day is also important for Pakistani people as a symbol of their patriotism. The day is dedicated to the efforts made by the leaders in getting a free country for the people.

 2.Create a message for your friend

Now, when you know the importance of the day, it is time to create a message for your friend. This message should contain your real feelings that you have about Pakistan. Think about the things you like the most about the country and make a list. Then, try to express everything in two or three sentences. This will create a beautiful message for Pakistan Day. Lastly, include your best wishes for the friend’s life and future.

 3.Send your wishes with a gift

You can send these wishes along with amazing gifts. As you know about the culture of the people living in Pakistan, you can choose the traditional gifts and pair it with the beautiful message that you have written for your friend. This is a great way of expressing your love and sentiments for the occasion. There are a few reliable service providers who can deliver the gifts and your message at the doorstep of your friend. All you need to do is find the right service provider online. There you will find a wide range of gift options to pick from.

 4.Send a video message as well

Apart from the gifts, you can also make a video saying the message and expressing your sentiments. You can send this video to your friend through social media and surprise him or her on the holiday.

5.Call to personally wish

Once you are confirmed that your friend has gotten the gift, wish personally. A personal call will make your surprise perfect and enhance the value of your sentiments. Just ask the friend if he or she liked the gift and tell them that you wanted to express your sentiments too. A small chat is enough to bring a smile on your friend’s face.

Finally, be ready to prepare the message and send mithai to KarachiYour friends’ emotions are important to you as well and you should express it to them for sure.

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