4 Elements For The Perfect Pool Party

Whether you’re planning a breakout bash or a more leisurely affair for your next pool party, you can ensure it’ll go off ‘swimmingly’ by incorporating a few key elements. We’re here to help you prepare for the occasion properly with a list of those elements so you can get underway without a bit of hassle.

Safety First

While swimming pools are a ton of fun at a party, they carry an inherent safety consideration that can’t be overlooked. Given the slippery surfaces around the pool, any manner of slips, scrapes, falls and other accidents can easily befall you or your guests. In the warmer months, you might also have the added nuisance of bees and wasps. Make sure to keep a First Aid kit nearby to touch up any minor injuries.

The best solution to ensure the safety of your guests is to hire a certified lifeguard for your party. In addition to handling first aid for you, they will maintain a vigilant watch over everyone in the water and ensure that anyone in danger is rescued promptly. Furthermore, your lifeguard can help enforce pool rules and apply preventative measures to avoid accidents.

Poolside Refreshments

When it comes to food and drinks at a pool party, there’s really only one hard and fast rule you should follow – nothing breakable outside!  After that, you’ll want to choose refreshments according to the type of party you’re throwing. If you’re doing a mid-day party, stick to lighter fare for lunch and snack items. Fruits like watermelon and grapes are a sure fire hit. Popsicles and sherbet make great desserts.

For a night time or dinner party, you may opt for bar-b-cue fare – meat and veggie skewers and chicken wings are traditional choices for a backyard evening bash. Fruits like pineapple, pears and strawberries will complement the meal perfectly. Regardless of the vittles you serve up, make sure to keep plenty of bottled water, lemonade and Gatorade on hand – partying in the pool can dehydrate your guests quickly.

Splashing Fun For Everyone

You’ll definitely want to plan a few games for everyone to enjoy. The types of games you choose will of course be based on the ages of people at your party. If you hired a lifeguard, make sure to ask him/her for tips on good games that might work well for your pool. Lifeguards usually have a vast array of games to suggest, as they’ve seen most of them throughout their careers.  Regardless of what games you choose, make sure to section off an area of the pool designated for younger children to splash in who may not be old enough to play.

A Place for Everything

One thing that most people don’t think about in preparation for pool parties is that guests will invariably bring LOTS of stuff to a pool party. This is especially true when children are involved. Without a proper plan to keep track of everything, you’ll soon find your patio and surrounding pool area strewn with squirt guns, pool toys, various bottles of sunblock, wet clothes (and dry clothes), towels, goggles, floaties and myriad other odds and ends.

Designate a certain area for people to place their belongings and keep it all organized. Better yet, tell your guests in the invitations that all they need to bring is a swimsuit!

Clay Adams is a water safety and lifestyle blogger for elifeguardonduty.com

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