Limitless Pill – Is it Really a Miracle Brain Booster?

Certainly many have wondered if there is actually a real “Smart Pill” on the market. Of course this is a reference to the pill from the film of the same name, starring Bradley Cooper and the answer to that question is “yes”. The limitless pill, which is called “NZT 48” in the film, transformed the lead character from a mediocre writer into a phenom overnight. It has the ability to fully-energize those who take it, give them super-human intellect and it also makes virtually everything you think of a reality if you so happened to want it. These particular drugs are actually real, in the form of supplements called “nootropics” and as of now, they are a major factor with people who want to continually build and better their brains. The Limitless pill of today is of course, Modafinil and the public has absolutely fallen in love with it ever since it has been on the market.

Before Modafinil, nootropics came from Greece and the original meaning behind the substance means “mind turning”. In the 1960’s, scientist utilized the word once they had discovered the mental boosting substance, with the very first nootropic being discovered prior, called “Piracetam”. The synthetic derivative of GABA, Piracetam is a considerably vital neurotransmitter within the brain.

The Real-Life Smart Pill

When Modafinil was first created, it was then that researchers figured out that it was miraculous for the brain. It has the ability to create stimulation in the memory receptors which are so incredibly essential for learning. This isn’t the only thing either, Modafinil was soon discovered to be a fantastic neuroprotective, which meant that it had no ability to pose as a threat to the brain itself.

Anybody who has either tried Modafinil or has stayed in the loop in regards to nootropics, know that it is by far and large the closest you can get to the limitless pill. In it’s earliest forms, it was given to ease and treat individuals who had narcolepsy and other disorders which were closely related to sleep issues. Even the U.S. military used it so they could keep their pilots from getting sleepy and keeping them completely focused at their task at hand. It could keep all of their cognitive skills perfectly rendered for around 40 hours, with no sleep whatsoever.

Increase Energy, Focus and Alertness

Limitless Pill has the ability to increase energy, keep alertness up and increase focus, activating specific centers in your brain that control all aspects of motivation. Other elements of the human mind that are enhanced by taking Modafinil are enhanced reasoning skills, improve upon creative thinking and increase long and short-term memory skills by quite a bit.

Many people have praised the Limitless film for it’s ability to spread the word onto people regarding how much Modafinil can improve a person’s life. Some of the most notable improvements are how much confidence has been raised in their lives and how much their social skills have been raised since they started taking the supplement.

Positive Changes

The movie depicts the character of Bradley Cooper to become immediately quick acting and be decisive, even in the most intense situations and to also be more charming than he has ever imagined. His ability to speak with absolute intelligence around people he would never imagine himself being around is completely phenomenal, while so many other parts of his life have changed towards the positive in just a short period of time.

Modafinil can do so much to help enhance someone’s life in so many ways unlike other form of nootropics. Even things like anxiety becoming reduced and symptoms of depression lessening once they had begun taking the supplement. The film of course, like so many others, may exaggerate some of the symptoms but there are also many of those positive aspects that remain completely intact. Even if Modafinil only made minor changes to particular symptoms at first, the person who is taking it can improve upon what it is doing with just a little more time of usage.

Become Limitless

One specific element of taking Modafinil that is so much greater than what others similar pills can do is that it can help create a tunnel vision, which makes a person concentrate fully on what they need to get done. The limitless pill is no doubt making those who take the drug better and more well-rounded, along with creating benefits when it comes to things like school, work and other important daily routines. Modafinil is the answer for many and there is a great chance that it also be the thing for you as well.

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