Laser Hair Removal-Myths and Facts That You Should Know

Below are some of the myths and facts about laser hair removal that would help you decide whether or not you want to keep unwanted hairs.

Myth: Laser hair removal is not particularly considered a great option for all skin types.

Fact: The procedure involved in laser hair removal is relatively safe and rarely causes any serious complications or side effects. The type of laser system that your provider uses for the hair removal determines the level of safety. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has some laser systems approved so any clinic that uses an FDA approved laser system reduces the chances of complications in the course of the treatment. At clinics such as Canada MedLaser, you will find state of the art laser hair removal systems designed to help eliminate unwanted hair, thus giving you that smooth skin you’ve always yearned for.

Myth: Laser further enhance hair growth

Fact: Laser hair removal system does not in any way cause more hair to grow. If this has been the case, then people seeking surgical hair transplant would have opted for laser treatment. Yes, lasers may have been seen to stimulate hair growth but everyone has different pattern of hair growth that changes over time. So the purported claim that laser hair removal enhances hair growth is false and untrue.

Myth: Laser is known to be generally and equally effective on all types of hair.

Fact: Laser is not exactly equally effective for all seeing the fact that there exist different hair types and texture in different individuals. Laser is known to work best on thick coarse hair. Skin type and color plays a very important role in laser treatment. However, with the advanced technological systems used in reliable, removal of unwanted hair has never been easier regardless of the hair type.

Myth: Individuals are exposed to harmful radiations during laser treatments

Facts: All FDA approved laser hair removal systems are free of any form of radiation. Laser beams work by heat transfer to the hair follicles to heat them up to certain degree where their ability to regenerate is permanently destroyed.

Myth: A lot of pain comes with laser hair removal.

Fact: Yes, some individuals do experience little discomfort similar to pinprick or snapping a rubber band on the skin but it is never reported to be unbearable and so discomforting.

Myth: Permanent hair removal is guaranteed with lasers

Fact: Individual do experience drastic reduction in hair growth after a couple of laser sessions but that is not enough for some as they may require more than 10 laser session to get that much desired result. In spite of all these you are not guaranteed permanent hair loss in treated areas because hair growth pattern is different in each and everyone. Some might eventually have hair growth again in that area due to some form of hormonal changes or maybe some other factors. Laser hair removal has indeed been proven to be the best hair removal practice across the globe.

A lot of clinics are out there offer guaranteed result when it comes to laser hair removal, so choose your clinic wisely.

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