5 Carry-On Essentials For Every Airplane Trip

As the busy holiday travel season approaches, you may have already started packing and making plans with family and friends. If you’re flying somewhere this Christmas to visit family and friends, you’ve likely also already got all your plans laid out and plane tickets in hand.

But with all the planning and schedules, luggage, boarding passes and Christmas gifts to keep up with, it’s easy to forget to make one more very important list: Things to take with you on the plane! Thanks to this handy article – that’s one less thing you’ll have to think about during all the hustle and bustle, because we have that list right here for you!

Laptop / Tablet

It’s probably a no-brainer to bring a computer on the plane with you, as it gives you plenty of entertainment options to pass the time. Alternatively, you could also use your laptop or tablet to get some work done if you’re behind (or perhaps trying to get ahead). Make sure to put digital copies of your favorite books and movies on your device as well. Remember that you may have limited room in your seat, so make sure to bring your most compact devices.

Electronic Accessories Kit

Laptop computers and mobile tablets are great for a plane trip, but you’ll want some extra peripherals to accompany you as well. Consider packing a small electronics accessories kit in your carry-on bag. Fortunately, these accessories are small, so your kit will still be nice and compact. Include items such as charging cables, pre-charged power banks, earbuds or headphones, a wireless mouse, USB flash drives and any other accessory you may need.

Toiletries Kit

It’s always handy have a few extra toiletries on hand for a plane trip – especially longer flights. You may consider packing a small bag of necessities including hand sanitizer, lotion, mouthwash, cough drops, tissues, aspirin and other such staples.

Make sure you only bring smaller ‘travel size’ items with you – as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) limits the amount of liquids you can carry on an airplane. Also try to keep your toiletries kit confined to a single quart-size seal-able bag.

Notebook and Pen

Because of all the technology available to us today, we often overlook the invaluable combo of a notebook and a pen. While we’re more used to our digital devices, there’s still no substitute for having a good old fashioned analog notebook on hand, with your preferred writing utensil. It’ll certainly come in handy if you’re unable to use your tablet or laptop on your flight for some reason.

Furthermore, a notepad is much quicker and easier to use if you’re jotting down notes, making to-do lists, writing out reminders or any number of things from random doodling to outlining your next project for work.

Travel Pillow & Blanket

Last but far from least – Bring a Travel Pillow with you and a compact yet cozy blanket. One of the most common pastimes undertaken by fliers over any distance is sleeping. We all love a good nap, especially on long flights, but it’s not always easy to get much rest on a plane. It’s best to ensure you bring a pillow designed for sleeping on the plane, such as the TravelSleeper pillow.

These travel pillows are compact and specifically customized for sleeping in a seat. You may find yourself missing Z’s without a proper travel pillow, so make sure to get a good one!

Margaret Cook is a Travel Blogger and Creator of the Travel Sleeper Pillow

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