Why A Kurta Pyjama Set Is Still Versatile For Men?

When it comes to traditional wear, women always rock the show. Not one woman will be dressed as the other. Each one of them will boast their own versions. Why? It is because they have a gamut of attires to choose from. Just one saree can be wrapped around in uncountable number of ways – the Gujarati style, the Bengali Style, the South Indian way and what not! Women have the lehengas, the salwar – kameezes, the kurtis, the chanya cholis, etc. and each having its own set of combinations and variations.

And what do men have? The most we can think of, in the name of ethnic wear, is that set of Kurta – pajamas resting at the back of our cupboards which we only take out when it is really necessary to where traditional, for example, during a festival or a wedding. A pair of jeans and t-shirts for men are all that matter when it comes to dressing up. Other than that, we will always have our beloved formal shirts, pants, and suits for the company. The scope of ethnic men’s fashion in India has been highly under – estimated.

But wearing kurta – pajamas isn’t as bad as we have been made to believe. It has its own set of perks which we have failed to discover. They are versatile because they:

  • Add a dash of colour to your life. The colour range of a man’s wardrobe is very limited; we circulate ourselves between our blacks, greys, browns, whites and blues. The only way by which colours like orange, yellow, bright green, purple and even pink can be inculcated into the wardrobes of men: Kurtas.
  • Can be experimented with. You don’t always have to wear a pajama under a Kurta or a Kurta over a pajama. Latest fashion trends allow you to breathe freely in that matter. You can even utilize a pair of jeans, waistcoats, etc. if you are really into experimenting.
  • Are super comfortable and airy. Now what else, as a man, do you need?

As mentioned above the men – kurta relationship can be taken further by a little experimentation. Below listed are the latest variations that can be brought to your humble kurta – pajama:

  1. Team your daily kurta – pajama with an ethnic waistcoat to give yourself a whole new look. It is the perfect blend of Indian as well as western culture. The waist coast already gives your demeanor a lot of swagger but when worn over a kurta – pajama set, you are bound to rock any party you attend.
  2. Get a taste of the Nehru Jacket, this festive season. Nehru Jackets bring out a bold balance between the classic and the modern look. Moreover, it can be worn in any kind of Be it your friend’s sangeet party or a traditional event at your office.
  3. And don’t forget your modest kurta – over – jeans. It will always be in fashion.

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