Now Get Multi Touch Table At Affordable Price

Dear chums, what you are reading is completely true. Now there are various types of multi touch coffee table and other kinds of digital tables which have come up in the market. The entire market is flooding with such kinds of multi touch and touch screen coffee table. The touch screen coffee table price also varies from multi touch coffee table. One of the best forms of coffee table is the duet coffee table which is known as the future coffee table. It comes with a 3M technology. It is also available in the market with different inches ranging from 43 to 55. It has got displays which are ultra high definition display. The duet table also includes a fully integrated and powerful computer. So it’s almost like a mini computer.

Some of the best features along with the touch screen coffee table price are as follows –

  • The table comes with a kind of wooden coffee table
  • It also additionally contain a functional windows 8 computer
  • It also comes with a 32 inch touch screen
  • It has a viewing angle which is 178 inches
  • The best ways in which it can be used is for viewing enlarged photos, maps and other kinds of playing stuff
  • The same data which is the table can now be easily comfortably viewed from the couch
  • The wooden table is also topped with an anti-glare LCD screen
  • The LCD screen functions like a tablet computer
  • It also has 6-touch points which allows navigation which is easy
  • Additionally, it has a 1366 x 768 resolution
  • The resolution provides a sharp image
  • It is suitable in all lighting conditions

Some of the additional features of the table are as follows; the table also has a tempered glass surface which can hold the following which includes books, dishes, remote control etc. Additionally it has also got IP34 water rating which makes it easy or rather ready for any kind f splashes or spills. Intel Core i5 6 GB of memory, 3.2 GHz processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ,500 GB hard drive is also enabled in the table. Along with this it also has a 4 USB ports, it also includes DVI and also has a microphone ports and audio out. It also includes mouse and keyboard which is wireless. It is much better than the smart table for sale which is flooding in the market.

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