Turnitin Originality Report: A Student’s Cheatsheet

TurnItIn for students is a plagiarism detection program used to ensure students’ academic works are original. TurnItIn for students is an alternative essay check tool, which helpes to combat plagiarism. With the Internet, the prevalence of plagiarism in colleges and universities increased dramatically. iParadigms LLC devised this online system to check copying of material among students, ease the burden of instructors, and tutor students to review one another’s assignments.

All these tasks are carried out by the programs of TurnItIn.com, a website whose license is held by over 10,000 institutes in over 126 countries worldwide. The students are expected to present academic writing to their professors at regular intervals. This assists professors in evaluating their progress through the scholastic passage. Therefore, it is crucial for students to compose works that are accurate, non-plagiarized, and error free.

All these aspects are more than amply examined by TurnItIn for students.

It makes it possible for online submission, grading, and peer review. The three tools include OriginalityCheck, GradeMark, and PeerCheck. Teachers and students end up saving a lot of paper and, thus, trees. Students gain new insights through the rich feedback given by their educators and classmates.

OriginalityCheck is used to detect potential plagiarism.

TurnItIn for students compares students’ assignments against its huge database, which comprising digitized papers, articles, journals publications, and web pages. Furthermore, TurnItIn for students checks other students’ papers to make sure the assignment was not turned in at another college or university, regardless of whether or not it is online or has been published.

TurnItIn for students has won huge patronage because it is as effective as it is efficient. Once assuring originality, professors can check the grammar, structure, spellings, writing style, vocabulary usage and more by using the integrated technologies of GradeMark. Comprehensive feedback can then be given to the students via drag-and-drop marks, rubrics, and voice and general comments.

Students who are caught face serious consequences of plagiarism.

Consequences include receiving a verbal warning, a failing grade, or expulsion from the university. The Dean of Student Affairs usually implement the failing status and expulsion of the student when found guilty. The student may not be aware of the intensity of the act and the penalties that go with it. This is a serious offense and educational institutions are implementing harsh punishments to students caught practicing plagiarism.

The use of another student’s work or even another author’s work in the internet is a serious plagiarism offense that can damage your career and future. The instructor usually decides the kind of punishment to give the student.

A feature worth noting is that TurnItIn for students is completely customizable to best meet students’ needs.

The other tool at the user’s disposal is PeerMark. This allows the management of exercises carried out by students to review their classmates’ work and learn from one another. Paper distribution is automated leading review to be carried out anonymously. The questions used for assessment could be standard or customized. Teachers and students get a clear picture of the academic writing after layering the feedback reports got from the three tools. This helps in taking appropriate corrective actions.

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