What Is A DUI Lawyer?

You almost certainly understand the risks of driving under the influence of drink or drugs and would probably never even contemplate breaking the law in such a way.  However, it is often the case that someone will have a drink or two after a hard day at work and simply not realize that they have had enough to put them over the limit.  There are also many people who have enjoyed a night out and caught a taxi home only to be pulled over the morning after and find they are still over the limit.

If you are pulled over then you face two options.  You have the civil right to refuse to take a test which will display your blood alcohol level.  Alternatively you can take the test but you may find out it is not completed properly or their equipment is faulty.  This can be a difficult decision as refusing to take the test can lead to an arrest and subsequent charges.  Any conviction for drink driving can have a serious affect on your lifestyle.  You may be unable to get to work or even undertake your job; this will have a serious affect on your ability to pay the bills and even keep your home.

A DUI lawyer is a criminal lawyer who specializes in dealing with cases of Driving Under the Influence.  This is commonly thought to refer to alcohol but it also covers any drugs use.  This is an area where you may find yourself particularly vulnerable if you are taking prescription medicine which is considered as drugs for the purposes of driving.  Prescription medicines can also be an excellent reason as to why you may fail a blood alcohol test after only one drink.  A good DUI lawyer will be able to investigate all the different possibilities and advise you regarding the options available to you.

It is important to note that the level of alcohol permissible in your blood varies depending upon the vehicle you are driving.  In general the larger the vehicle the less alcohol you are permitted.

Specialists who will be able to represent you if you are unfortunate enough to fall foul of the DUI laws.  There are a range of punishments including a prison sentence, treatment programs and even a device which can be installed on your car preventing you from driving unless you provide an alcohol free breath sample.  This means that it is imperative to use the services of a good DUI lawyer and get the best defense possible to ensure you are represented fairly.

It is worth being aware of the facts before any incident occurs.  If you exercise your option to refuse to take a test then the police will need to get a warrant.  This must be completed within two hours of you being pulled over.  If this does not happen it is very difficult for the police to obtain a conviction.  However, if they do manage to obtain a conviction after a refusal to take a test then the penalty can be much more severe.

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