8 Notable Inventions Which You Cannot Overlook!

8 Notable Inventions Which You Cannot Overlook!

You will find people saying that technology has moved us away from acquiring physical activities. Although that is true but they forget that it has also drastically contributed to make our lives easier.

If you go through some great inventions of last decade, so you will find how well these inventions have helped us and given lots of benefits.

We as humans are on the track of evolution and that makes a way for inventions to take place.

As you evaluate so you will find that these inventions have benefited your both personal and professional life.

If you go through some statistics regarding inventions so you will find that half of inventions have taken place accidently.

Followings are some exciting and notable inventions that have really contributed positively in our lives.

And they have become the integral part of our lives. So make sure you go through them thoroughly.

1. Android

Well, Android is really one of the most important and notable inventions of our times. This operating system has become very popular among smartphones. It is interesting to know that there are 1.5 million different Android applications that are available for people at the Play store.

2. GPS

The history will tell you that behind the invention of Global Positioning System it was United States Department of Defense and Dr. Ivan Getting. It was 2005 when GPS was brought into the market and lodged into smartphones. GPS has become the most important part of our lives now as it benefits us in various ways.

3. Social Media Forums

No doubt these social media forums happen to be this decade’s great inventions. It all started with Friendster back in 2003. It was the great website in that particular year. But its success did not continue and after that sites such as Facebook and twitter attracted the users of Friendster.

4. Smartphones

If you talk about the inventions that have contributed to make our lives easier, so we cannot overlook smartphones. Indeed, it is the great invention of our times that has enabled us to get connected with the world all the time.

5. Different Applications

No one knew that we will rely that much on different mobile Applications to accomplish our daily life tasks. No doubt access to various kinds of Applications has made us able to learn anything. From cooking Apps to car repairing Apps, you will find everything at App stores.

6. YouTube

YouTube is another exciting and great invention brought by Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. They were the former employees of PayPal. It is the great platform which does not only entertain us in fact it also educates us over many things through various informative videos available on YouTube.

7. Revolution of Touch Screen

Among the greatest inventions of our times, touch screen revolution is what which has really inspired us. It enabled us to get rid of button phones. If you look around so you will find that everyone has his touch screen devices and enjoy it a lot.

8. iPads

iPads are great inventions brought by Apple. They were launched back in 2010.  It is a tablet computer and we use it for various purposes such as reading books, watching films and playing different games. iPad has proven to be the best invention of this decade as it benefits us in both personal and professional life.

All these are the great inventions of our times and no doubt, they have really contributed in making our lives easier. Now it is up to you that you much you make these inventions productive for you.

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