6 Best Things To Do In Cyprus

Off in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea lies the beautiful island country of Cyprus, home to Roman ruins and wine regions, pushing through a sort of a paradise for travelers and tourists alike. With flawless beaches and romantic getaways, Cyprus offers a complete retreat for individuals who love to bathe in the Mediterranean sun and soak in the mesmerizing views of the land.

If you have the notion of visiting this beautiful country, be sure to check out these 6 best things to do in Cyprus and you will relish the experiences that come along.

#1  Walk Aimlessly

While we don’t advise you to lose your way, the best way to take in the beauty of this land is to roam the street and live through the culture that is visible through each turn and tavern. With a mix of Turkish and Greek influences all around the place, you will be able to look back at a time before all time and enjoy history.

#2  Take a Steam Bath

The old town of Nicosia houses Omeriye Hamam, one of the most famous and oldest Turkish baths in the land that is currently operating after its restoration from the 14th Century. The rooms are magnanimous and the ornate walls bear a great mechanism to create an age-old sauna experience for its patrons.

#3  Night Life in Cyprus

Cyprus has a lively nightlife, not too pompous. Though gambling is illegal in this country, there are a few hotels that host casinos to help people indulge in the beautiful vice. There is the famous Viva! Casino that hosts a great night-life for all those nocturnal people in the land. There are many resorts as well that adorn the beaches and coastline of this island and stands as great partying spots for the young crowd.

#4  Get Amazed at the Caledonia Falls

Laid back in the Troodos Mountains is the mesmerizing site of one of the highest waterfalls in the region; introducing to you the Caledonia Falls. This beautiful site never fails to capture the minds and hearts of tourists and travelers, especially during Spring when the trail to the waterfalls offers the much-needed shade and fresh atmosphere to roll into.

#5  Wine and Dine

Cyprus is known for its extensive wineries and breweries across the region. A well-known destination is Limossol, owned by KEO. Fitted with a great, all-year round tour of the lands that host a wide expanse of vineyards and lager production fields, you can avail of the tasting sessions, which will take you to another place in your mind.

#6  Roman Ruins and Ancient Tombs

If you are a history buff or love to imagine walking the streets of an ancient village, then Cyprus offers you many an opportunity to do just that. From tall Roman stadiums to spectacular ruins that flourish the regions of Kourion, Cyprus offers you a chance to look into the past of the land with utter clarity and mystique. Home to temples dedicated to Greek gods, such as Apollo and Aphrodite, and the ruins of palaces, tombs, and mosaic villas all adorn the country in a blanket of awe.

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