8 Reasons Why Your Startup Must Consider Using Drupal

8 Reasons Why Your Startup Must Consider Using Drupal

Technology has created scope for churning out innovative solutions for problems spanning a wide range of sectors. This very scope of innovation has bred a new chain of entrepreneurs who are either creating new markets or bringing disruption to existing ones. Be it through a Saas product for businesses or through an e-commerce website selling products to a niche market, the entrepreneurs of today are approaching and solving problems distinctively. However, every startup faces an initial dilemma of choosing the right technology for actualizing their dream project. Choosing an unsuitable technology can lead to project interruptions or worse, project failure.

Let us see how Drupal, as a hyper-configurable platform makes for an ideal tool for startups seeking to build technological solutions for desktop users:

Drupal Provides Easy Prototyping

One of the marked requirements of any technological startup is to make quick and iterative prototypes. While Drupal’s open-source code allows one to build a customizable product, the platform’s wide range of contributed modules allows rapid building of product prototypes. Additionally, Drupal’s extensibility allows one to easily extend the prototypes they build.

A Wide Variety Of Products Can Be Built With Drupal

Your product could be an e-commerce website, a social network, a website facilitating bookings or a website delivering educational resources, Drupal’s wide variety of distribution packages allow one to build a wide variety of websites with ease. These distribution packages can be further, customized to create unique solutions.

Safe Code & Easy Integration With 3rd Party API Services

Drupal modules are extensively tested before they are made available in their final version for use. This makes Drupal modules extremely reliable and safe for the deployment for your project. In addition to safety, the platform allows integration with an extensive range of 3rd party APIs such as payment solutions, notification systems, analytics, and etc.

An Accessible Design Can Be Created

Considering the growing penetration of the internet among all sections of society including the visually impaired, accessibility is fast emerging as an essential requirement for most website owners. So, whether you are building a product especially for the visually impaired or for the masses, an accessible design for your product can come as handy. Luckily, Drupal provides modules and theming guidelines that aid in creating an accessible website. Moreover, a customized design can be created by availing a PSD to Drupal Theme Conversion Service.

A Website Can Be Easily Administered

A Drupal website can be easily administered from the back-end, mainly because of the provision of core modules such as administration menu that make administration easy. The feature is especially an advantage for non-technical founders of a startup.

Drupal Development Is Cost-Effective

Drupal provides themes and modules that are free of cost. This makes developing a Drupal website truly cost-effective, something which is highly valuable for start-ups wanting to save their initial costs of building their product.

A Drupal Website Can Be Easily Optimized For SEO, Speed, & Security

Quality search engine rankings, website performance, and security are some essential requirements for every website. Fortunately, Drupal’s wide variety of modules render the three effectively. Each of these modules can be installed by a Drupal Developer.

Some Of The Coolest Startups Are Using It

There has been an ever increasing conglomerate of startups who are building their products with Drupal. The most noteworthy example is that of Twitter.

The initial stage of any startup is the most crucial one. You wouldn’t want to experiment with tools that can prove to be regressive for your project. A software tool should be able to provide you with safe code, the ability to build a wide variety of prototypes easily, and minimal costs of development in the beginning at least. All of these must-have features are provided by the Drupal platform, making it necessary for your startup to seriously consider using it.

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