9 Bad Car Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Car

9 Bad Car Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Car!

A car is one of the most valuable possessions and taking its care should be a primary thing in your daily to-do lists. Nonetheless, we tend to ignore certain rules when it comes to driving a car which in turn deteriorates its performance and affects its longevity.

Even savvy car drivers tend to overlook some of the important facets of driving on the road and this is why we have rounded up here some useful tips to avoid those misuses damage your car. Here they are:

  1. Refilling With Low Fuel

In a bid to save money, some drivers resort to refill their fuel tanks at lower levels. This is detrimental to the life of your car as having low fuel forces the engine to suck the fuel from the bottom of your car’s tank which takes along the debris and toxic substances. This significantly affects the power of your engine and hurts its performance.

  1. Revving Up Your Car for No Reason

While it is necessary to warm up your car for the first drive of the day, doing it every now and then deteriorates the engine. Remember that revving your car up worsens the performance of the car as it does not give enough time for the oil to circulate in every part of the engine, resulting in heating up its components.

  1. Ignoring the Weird Sounds

When something is wrong with your car, the weird sounds give you the first clue. These sounds serve as warning cues that something in the car demands your immediate attention. Therefore, you should keep tabs on any squeaky sound or rattling noise and do timely actions to avoid any damage to your car.

  1. Not Changing Gear to Neutral While Parking on a Ramp

Not putting the gear in the neutral position while you are pulling over on a hill puts the load on the transmission. Therefore, it is important to first shift the gears onto neutral prior to applying parking brakes. This puts the weight of the car on the parking brakes.

  1. Loading Unnecessary Luggage on Your Car

Gearing your card with futile stuff forces the engine to consume more fuel. Besides, a car filled with unnecessary baggage poses the damage to the brakes, suspension, and other vital parts of the car. Having different types of stuff also wears out the interior part of your car which makes it look messy.

  1. Changing From Drive to Reverse Abruptly

The majority of the drivers make the mistake of changing their gear shifts from drive to reverse and vice versa prior to stopping the car. Doing so puts the strain on the drivetrain as it has to force the car into the opposite direction without taking the proper time.

Therefore, it is important to take time before you can change the gear in order to put the car into drive or reverse position.

  1. Moving and Stopping the Car Intermittently

Applying brakes to your car and riding the accelerator every now and then severely deteriorates the fuel efficiency of your car. It also severely affects the functioning of your rotors and brake shoes.

  1. Keeping Your Feet Constantly on the Clutch Pedal

Engaging your clutch pedal constantly causes friction between the flywheel and pressure plates, leading to the damage in the hydraulic system. Such a habit can be dangerous for safe driving as it can cause failures of the clutch and braking system.

  1. Not Using Engine Braking While Going Down a Ramp

Many drivers tend to use regular braking while descending a hill. Such a habit is detrimental for the rotor and brake pads. Therefore, you should resort to engine braking while climbing and descending from a ramp as it will complement drivetrain compression and you will be able to take your car on the ground without any damage.

Remember that the safety of your car ensures the safety of your life. Therefore, you must comply with the aforementioned guidelines in order to enjoy a safe drive.

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