Travel Guide To Croatia For Gamblers

Croatia can be a wonderful destination for a variety of different types of travelers. The people are friendly and they have a great pride in showing visitors what their country has to offer. From some of the beautiful locations to the history and fine food, a trip to Croatia can make for an experience to remember.

Travel Croatia

Located on the coast of the Adriatic, Croatia is an Eastern European country with beautiful seas and wonderful islands to explore. In Croatia, you can spend time on the sea, enjoy their delicious food, check out some of the classical architecture, or enjoy one of the many local festivals. Beyond that, Croatia also has a great variety of resorts and casinos.

Gambling in Croatia

If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife, then Croatia is one of the best places to visit; they have tons of clubs and casinos. In fact, Croatia has more than a dozen casinos for visitors to see and they all offer their own vibe and environment. You have smaller more intimate casinos, large casinos, and casinos that offer different styles and designs.

Croatia Casinos

With the many casinos in Croatia, it can help to learn a little bit about them before you visit. Here is a list as well as contact information if you’d like to learn more.

Casino Cibalia

– +385 32 338 349

Vinkovci, Croatia

This is a smaller casino destination in Croatia. It has about fifty gaming machines and a handful of tables to play on. In addition to that, this casino does also offer sports betting.

Casino City Zagreb

– +385 1 4501 000

Zagreb, Croatia

Located within a hotel, this casino has a small floor with about 20-30 machine games and a handful of tables, with games like roulette and poker.

Casino Fortuna

– +385 1 4812 860

Zagreb, Croatia

With bingo, a nice selection of electronic games and a few tables, gamblers can have a good time at the Casino Fortuna.

Casino Hotel Historia

– +385 52 590 000

Pula, Croatia

A nice casino with a good amount of gaming options, gamblers will enjoy a range of gaming machines and tables when they visit the Casino Hotel Historia in Croatia.

Casino International

– 385-16-150-026

Zagreb, Croatia

At the Casino International, guests can hit the tables for games like roulette and poker or they can enjoy some electronic gaming action with more than a hundred machines.

Casino Madonna

– +385 51 272 240

Opatija, Croatia

This small casino has poker and other tables and it offers a nice array of machines to complement the table gaming action.

Casino RI

– +385 1 3092 653

Rijeka, Croatia

For blackjack and a few different poker games, Casino RI can be a good destination. In addition to that, it also has bingo and electronic roulette.

Casino Solei

– +385 52 741 301

Umag, Croatia

The Casino Solei in Croatia offers a great number of tables and machines. You have options like slots and video poker, plus you could visit the tables for poker games, various forms of roulette and blackjack.

Casino Turist

– +385 42 395 395

Varazdin, Croatia

The casino located at the Hotel Turist offers an upscale gaming experience with its more than thirty machines and its tables that have games like poker, blackjack, and roulette.

Casino Vega

– +385 1 4611 886

Zagreb, Croatia

This is a smaller casino with about 30-40 gaming machines and a couple of tables that offer some card games and roulette.

Grand Hotel Adriatic

– Opatija- +385 51 719 161

Opatija, Croatia

With a luxury hotel and a location that is right on the Adriatic, this is a hotel casino that any traveler can enjoy. While you are there, you can try your luck at the many gambling machines or the tables.

Miro Hotel and Casino Minera

– +385 52 777 050

Plovanija, Croatia

This is the largest hotel and casino in the country. It has nice accommodations and it offers a wide range of gaming options that can appeal to any person that wants to place a bet.

Mulino Casino Club

– +385 52 777 044

Buje, Croatia

This is a beautiful resort hotel and casino with a great number of gaming options. Visitors can take their chances with the more than one hundred machines and there are about twenty-five tables for all of your favorite games.

Platinum Hotel & Casino

– +385 21 303 111

Split, Croatia

This is a luxury hotel with a small casino for the guests. It has about ten gaming machines and four tables that offer different types of roulette and poker.

Casino Royal

– +385 1 3092 653

Zagreb, Croatia

The Casino Royal has a nice atmosphere and a good selection of gaming options. You can play slots and other electronic games or you could play over at the tables. You won’t find any of the mega-casinos that you would see in places like Las Vegas, but Croatia is a country that can offer a one of a kind gambler’s vacation. You have a nice selection of casinos and resorts to choose from and you can enjoy intriguing sites, charming towns and beautiful views outside the casinos.

Charmaine Kedmenec grew up in Australia, but also traveled a lot all around Europe. She is also one of the authors of World Travel Guide for Gamblers and worked a lot in theatre.

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