Know The Uses and Rules Of Kids Clothing Labels

We all have a unique name with which we are recognized in the world. Similarly, the clothing lines are known by their individual clothing labels. A label acts as an identity to a specific brand. You can call it the face of a brand that you love or say you aspire to buy one day. There’s not a single clothing business which doesn’t have a label. From kids to adults, all the clothing lines have their individual identity which is their signature labels. Let me tell you an instance where I bought a top from a shop, I was so satisfied with the fitting, wanted to buy again but couldn’t remember the shop name. So, I checked the label of the garment which contained the brand name and I got to navigate it for future purchase. Yes, that’s the significance of a clothing label. Similarly, kids clothing labels also serve your purpose for references later in life.

Let’s give you a brief on the uses and rules of kids clothing labels. Read below:

Uses of Kids Clothing labels

There are more than one uses of the kids clothing labels. Keep reading to know more-

  • Age group is mentioned for kids clothing labels that help a parent immensely while purchasing clothes for their baby.
  • The fabric used for the garment is cited that gives a sense of assurance to a parent and helps them in choosing clothes for their kid. For example, if you like a dress but checked the label which specified the material of the garment which you don’t prefer. Hence, it doesn’t mislead you and help you in your purchase.
  • The labels also contain the type of washing and temperature suitable for the garment that guides a person doing the laundry of the clothes.

Rules of Kids Clothing Labels-

There’s no doubt about the uses of the labels that help us in our purchase, but there are few rules associated with the clothing labels for kids that needs to be followed by the manufacturers. Read below to know more:

  • The label should provide information about the maintenance of the garment.
  • If there are warnings regarding handling the product should be mentioned properly for a better understanding of the customer.
  • The language should be simple and easy to understand as the aim is to reach to the mass clearly.
  • It should contain the washing method, the temperature that should be used for cleaning the garment and so on.
  • Too many instructions are not appropriate in a label. It should contain only one care method that shouldn’t confuse a customer.
  • Labelling is a must. The manufacturer can’t distribute its products without labels.

The above-mentioned rules are strictly followed by the manufacturers as these rules are framed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the business. As we all know the importance of the labels by now, so, in a nutshell, we can say that labelling is indispensable to the clothing industry.

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