Traditional and Modern Tattoo Styles

The modern tattoos are basically of two types – realistic tattoos and non-realistic tattoos. Those who prefer to have particular types of tattoos can tell the tattoo artist what they require actually. Some of the symbols like stars, sun and moon are found common in both traditional and modern tattoos. Most women prefer to have tattoos with mysterious symbols and the modern tattoo artists are able to develop different styles of tattoos using symbols like stars, sun and moon. Sun is one of the most popular tattoo symbols because in many cultures and religions, the sun is worshipped as a god. Many of the modern meaningful tattoo ideas are based on sun since sun is considered as the protector of life as well as permanent source of energy. The modern tattoo artists develop colorful designs for the tattoos and make them great products of creative art. Not only do they make the tattoos colorful and elegant but trendy also by incorporating special meanings in them.

Purpose of Tattoos then and Now

Many tattoo lovers now get inspiration from religious symbols, animations, fashion designs and other form of arts. Those who find it difficult to develop tattoo ideas based on their imaginations can take the help of a tattoo artist who will suggest unique tattoo designs for them. In ancient times most of the tattoos were used for the purpose of denoting the status or profession of a person whereas in modern times their aesthetic appeal has more importance. The Egyptian slaves who were involved in the construction of the pyramids were provided with tattoos in order to keep track of them. Tattoos were used for specific purposes in Arabic, Greek and Persian civilizations also. The spies of Greece had meaningful tattoos in order to identify among them without communicating verbally. The criminals and slaves of Rome were given permanent marking on their body as punishment. Girls in Japan were tattooed when they attained puberty. In Thailand and erstwhile Burma, women used to have tattoos all over their body and only women were allowed to tattoo the women.

Tattoos in the US

In the US, New York City is the place where modern tattoos were originated. Tattoo parlors were flourishing in New York. One can see ups and downs in the history of American tattoos. At one time the tattoo business was thriving in New York but tattoos lost their popularity following the Great Depression. After World War II, tattoos lost their charm in the US and only goons and bikers were using them. The tattoo art was practically rejected by the elite class. In the 1960s, Lyle Tuttle again popularized tattoos especially among women and tattoos are still popular in the US.

Though in modern times many people use tattoos in appreciation of their aesthetic beauty, the meaningful tattoo ideas also influence the modern society. Members of music troops have tattoos with similar designs and in many TV series, group members are provided with identical tattoos so that the group can function under secrecy. This type of applications popularized tattoos in modern society and as a result the art of tattoos is thriving.

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